The flood washed away in Karabash landfill, livestock and metallurgical slags


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29.06.11.Ekologicheskaya disasters in Karabash threatens dire consequences for the people of Chelyabinsk. The river in this area has spread to several hectares and flooded the city dump solid waste and animal burial. This "UralPolit.Ru" reported June 29 a reliable source, the witness of the incident.

Interlocutor expert channel reported that the flooding happened because after heavy rains over the weekend run-off river Sak-Elga, highways Karabash — Miass clogged. As a result, the river in this area burst its banks. An unnamed source also provided editorial photographs of some of the effects are clearly visible in Karabash floods.

Supervisors previously repeatedly voiced complaints about the administration Karabash due to the fact that the dump is located near the river Sak-Elga. Today Karabash dump decommissioned, but not conserved. Instead, it tried to fall asleep on top of slag "Karabashmed" without approval of the project in Rosprirodnadzor. Hazardous waste copper production (3-4 hazard class) also swept away in the river Sak-Elga, which fills a cascade of lakes and reservoirs — Kialim, Argazi, Sherstnevskoe — drinking source Chelyabinsk.

At the time of publication of news by monitoring bodies did not give their comments on the incident.



Karabakh? W — A city of regional subordination in the Chelyabinsk region of Russia. Is one of the largest copper smelting centers, also known for its hiking trails. For a time, according to UNESCO, is the most polluted city in the world. However, in 2009 the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Karabash excluded from the list of cities with the highest levels of air pollution.

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