The hunter shot the bear-rod on Sakhalin

Sakhalin hunter shot the bear, who did not lie down to sleep, and a threat to people, RIA Novosti reported the Ministry of Forestry and Hunting area.

"The predator, roam the outskirts of the village of Petropavlovsk Aniva District in southern Sakhalin, said local residents. Thursday in the district were sent to specialists, who shot off and the Beast" — the source said.

He noted that it was the three starving bear, which for some reason did not lie down to sleep. Traditionally in Sakhalin bears fit into their dens in late November.

Every year on Sakhalin recorded two or three cases bear predation on humans. In 2012, in an attack by an animal killed two people. Game wardens eliminated about 20 bears, a real threat to local residents, as well as attacking livestock.

In the Sakhalin region bears live on the islands of Kunashir, Iturup, Sakhalin, and Shumshu Paramushir. The island bears — one of the largest in the Far East, with body length up to three meters, weight — 700 pounds. In nature, bears live up to 45 years. In the Sakhalin region inhabited by 3.5-4 thousand bears.

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