The island, which protects the Sun God

According to ancient myth, after Zeus defeated the Atlanteans, he finally became a full-fledged master of the earth and decided to share it among all the inhabitants of Mount Olympus to be honest.

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Each got a piece of territory except Helios, which was occupied by some for its divine affairs. Offended by the sun god Zeus began to blame for the non-related attitude and he promised that he would give him a piece of land that will come out of the sea. At the same moment of the depths of the sea there was an island.

Helios was so happy to be sprayed from the heart "their" territory, and sunlight make it a wonderful place on Earth. And he named it in honor of a sea nymph, his beloved wife, and that was the name — Rhodes.

Since then, Rhodes is a beautiful island of the Mediterranean. Located in the southern part of the Aegean Sea, it was and still is one of the most popular travelers islands of the world. The sun shines here as much as 310 days a year.

Rhodes has brought worldwide fame back in the ancient times of the Colossus statue — one of the seven ancient wonders of the world. Naturally built in honor of the sun god, she was 37 meters in height, and standing for a total of 56 years, was destroyed by an earthquake.

Being from ancient times the bridge between Europe and Asia, Rhodes is just 10 miles off the coast of Asia Minor — now Turkey — and it brought him the heyday, the ruin. At different times they owned the Greeks, Phoenicians, Persians, the Genoese, the Saracens, the Order of Saint John Knight, Turks and God knows who else, until finally in 1948, again did not become an integral part of Greece. It is hoped that this time permanently.

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