The Japanese have developed videobumagu

November 7, 2012 21:08

The company Japan Display (a joint venture of three Japanese manufacturers — Sony, Toshiba and Hitachi) has created an advanced LCD display with low power consumption. From modern analogues based on liquid crystals new panel features no backlighting. Instead, the screen is like a mirror, uses the light falling on it, to look like paper.

Initially, the LCD panel shows only a monochrome image. To become colored, imposed on it special filters. In addition, the new displays have a "pixel memory." They can save pattern on the screen and show it, almost without expending battery.

These panels are energy efficient and the ability to show the video in color, can replace the screens based on e-ink E-ink in bukrider, and digital photo frames. The invention has been shown at the exhibition FPD International Japan 2012 in Yokohama, reports DigInfo.

In the absence of light in the new panels have disadvantages: for example, the muted colors and a low degree of contrast — 30:1. Representatives of Japan Display recognize that their technology is not yet finalized, but the company is ready to begin mass production of displays based on it.

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