The Japanese invented a mini-ark on tsunami


Giant capsule is designed to save lives in the tsunami

1.10.11.Inzhenery of the rising sun have designed their version of Noah's Ark, designed to save the population from attacks destructive element.

Japan has once again justified the status of innovative power, presented its latest development to the audience.

At this time, experts have decided to prepare for a possible recurrence of natural disasters, which have repeatedly hit the beach Celestial Empire.

Engineering company Cosmo demonstrated his invention called "Noah", which is a mini version of the legendary ark built by Noah biblical hero in order to save life on earth during the great flood.

One Ark will hold four adult persons

The 21st century Noah's Ark is a giant yellow capsule, outwardly resembling a tennis ball. The device has one window and special devices for oxygen. Just one ark could hold four adults.

"Noah" made of treated glass and can withstand the impact of disasters, like what has happened March 11, 2011 was followed by the devastating earthquake and tsunami followed.

Then became victims of the disaster almost 20 000 people.

Production company said it has already sold two of the ark and received an order for another batch of 600 units.

Ekaterina Sidorova

Source: Life News Online

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