The mass death of bees in Voronezh. Video


21.06.11.Takoy disaster Sergei Linkov not remember for all fifty lessons in beekeeping.

In a matter of half an hour he was deprived of the entire flying bees, that is, about a third of the population of hives.

Sergei Linkov, a resident of Tala, "fell near the hive bees and lots of it. I guessed that the poisoning. "
Sergei guess confirmed by other beekeepers village, which also killed the bees. Vladimir Kohanistogo apiary located on the outskirts, in a kilometer away from the field. And he had seen, as it were.

Vladimir Kohanisty, a resident of the village of Tala:

"As a hang glider, or God knows that it is there. And here it was turning over grader, well, on the strorone. And there is a field. So ease off them. "

The district veterinary service can detect only the disease of bees — no equipment. To confirm or deny the fact of poisoning, and the dead bees and plants treated with pesticides were sent for analysis to Voronezh, and go far beyond the material was not necessary. Apiary suffered from one of the employees of the station in the village Bugaevka, and after the purchase pchelopaketov Gennady took 700,000 rubles loan. According to him, the local newspaper did not have any reports, the farm only here to hang the announcement of working fields from 5 to 12 June.
Gennady Korniyasov, the district veterinarian:

"What am I to 5 must be closed or what? And up to 12? Well it is not something out there that animal. With animals easier to shut the barn, feed offered. "

Eugene Romanenko, Deputy Kantemirovskaya station area to combat animal diseases:

"We have to warn beekeepers, not later than 3 days prior to treatment and specify the day and even hour until processing."

How many bees have died, no one has been counted, although we are talking about tens apiaries in many villages. However, the prosecutor asked a few owners.
Elena Avdeeva, Senior Assistant Attorney Kantemirovskaya Area

"Everything will depend on what violations will be identified if they are identified. Scan only conducted. The announcement came in early June, so the check goes. Will identify violations — are facts of response. "

And while many apiaries — frightening silence. There are only young bees, which at the time treatment is not ejected from the hive, and that many of them. So on a good bribe honey this year beekeepers kantemirovtsam expect nothing.

Alex Kosenko, Andrew Khoryakov 

Source: STRC "Voronezh"


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