The maximum number of humans — 10 billion.

The current population ranges from 6.8 billion people. The fact that the population of the Earth to the XXII century rise to 10.1 billion, has recently been mentioned in the UN report, published in «The New York Times». The rapid growth of the population from 1 billion to 3.6 billion would be typical for
Africa. As it turned out, already perceived shortage of water and
food in the region, this is not a hindrance. John Bongaarts (John
Bongaarts), a demographer at the Population Division United Nations, said that the
current state of affairs in Africa — not the end of the world, with time
can be much worse. UN population projections are usually pretty accurate. In his
recent forecast organization raised its forecast for 2050 by 156
million. This is explained by the fact that in some poor countries
fertility decline is in no hurry, and in affluent countries — the U.S.,
Britain, Denmark, the rise of fertility, although small.
China may become one of the countries with declining populations, as
Government to take measures to curb the birth rate. John Bongaarts believes that family planning is already
requires large investments in order to contain the growth of population in the 8
billion and reduce the load on the system of food and pensions
Software. After all, according to environmentalists, 10 billion — is extremely
allowable amount for the planet, the excess of which will be

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