The Migration XXI Century

February 9, 2013 13:23

The power of man today is obvious. The click of a few buttons, he is able to destroy all life on Earth. However, this power and limited. While we can not prevent droughts or catastrophic flood or volcanic eruption, earthquake, tsunami … The consequences of them are always the same: in addition to the death of many people, large areas of land are unsuitable for further accommodation, and that involves the migration of peoples . And it is very possible that they will come to another country is not in hand, begging for help, and with a gun!

Today, politicians and scientists are more likely to say that we must be ready for wars for territory and resources. And if you like the mother-land not relent, and the number of natural disasters will increase, then such wars begin very, very soon!

Another "weather report"

Such, for example, scientists, futurists concluded that for the Department of Defense prepared a report, "Weather Report: 2012-2030 years." And it there is not a war involving climate weapons, and what in the near future a possible military conflict due to climate change outside the control person. Suffice it to recall the earthquake in Haiti (2010), which killed about 300,000 people, and heavy rains have flooded Europe last year, but what about the current events in Japan can no longer mention!

Continuous schedule conflicts

According to American scientists, Peter Schwartz and Randall Douglas, the script looks for future disasters.
2015. In Europe, a conflict due to drinking water, food and energy. True, it was at this time, Russia, according to Randall and Schwartz, joins the European Union, which has a positive impact on the European energy security.
2018. Not excluded the military operation against Kazakhstan with China to control the passing over of the country gas and oil pipelines.

In 2020, from Scandinavia to begin a mass exodus of the population, which will increase the shortage of drinking water in other countries in Europe.
That same year, the war starts in South East Asia with India, China, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and other countries, and in 2025 is likely a civil war in China, due to internal unstable situation.

In 2022 will be a conflict between France and Germany over the Rhine River.

In 2025-2030 will increase the probability of the collapse of the EU, and the migration of the southern Mediterranean (North Africa, Israel, Turkey) Europe will leave up to 10% of the population.

By 2030, exacerbated the relations between China and Japan over natural resources in Siberia.

The rich also cry

As to the Americans, they also have hard times. Already in 2012, America threatens the flow of refugees from the islands of the Caribbean, and since 2015 the first — and even from Europe. True, at first immigrants to large percentage of wealthy people. By 2020, substantially increase the price of oil in the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea there is a serious armed conflict. In particular, in the Persian Gulf region will sooner or later face the interests of the U.S. and China.
Gradually, the climate in northern Europe will be much more severe than it is now. Norwegians, Swedes, Finns, Danes and even the Germans would move south — in the Mediterranean region. But there also will go and guest workers from Libya, Turkey and Tunisia. What will happen in this case, with the south of Europe?

In a fairly vulnerable position will China, India, Pakistan. To retain power, their governments may begin full-scale war in the region. But without the crowds of hungry war will be doomed to seek safety all in the same exile, destabilizing the situation in other countries.

In a more or less favorable position, according to the report, people will be five or six grain-producing areas of the world, including the United States, Argentina and Russia.

The result will be global catastrophe dramatically perekroennaya political map of the world. In 2018, the union will happen in Canada, USA, Mexico, in a single state for the protection of the consolidated North American continent from external threats. And one of the main objectives "of the Ministry of Defence of North America" will be the task to prevent uncontrolled migration from Asia and Europe.

Korea to win something. In any case, she will become united. Seoul to acquire nuclear weapons, and Pyongyang — XXI century technology.

Africa mired in conflicts, so people there to enter the white race would be simply impossible.
As for Russia, the authors of the "Weather forecast: 2012-2030 years" believe that in this time perspective, our country can become part of a united Europe. Thus, the Europeans will have access not only to the Russian energy, but also to the vast arable land, as well as fresh water.

But the UN projections

Forecasts American futurologists interesting to compare with other reports made to the UN in 2007. According to it, the main problem for Africa will be AIDS, lack of drinking water, and mass migration. In 2025, strained relations between the countries on the shores of the Nile, until the opening of the war. According to the most sinister scenario, by 2020 the continent plunged into anarchy and become insoluble in the area of military conflict and avalanche migration to Europe. In response, the European countries, especially in the Mediterranean Sea, may be flooded with a wave of nationalism, and they unite against black foreigners. Deter waves of refugees have huge financial investments in the country covered by hunger. As a result, millions of casualties will be enclosed in the refugee camps in the Sahara.

Persistent drought threaten the ecological balance of the nature of the Amazon, which is why Brazil will face the agricultural crisis, which could turn into a war for control of arable land. In Asia, the water will be in abundance, but it is unlikely someone could please. Delta of the Ganges crowded threaten cyclones and increasing water levels. Bangladesh flood, and the rivers of Pakistan, on the contrary, will dry. This factor will increase sectarian tensions in the region and lead to a war between India and Pakistan. The presence of the opponents of nuclear weapons did not promise good to them.

China will suffer as drought and hurricanes, as well as from heavy precipitation. In the northern region will desertification, and south facing surplus moisture. If the events will develop in this way, by 2025 typhoons ravage the coast of China, and the masses of refugees concentrate in the south. The Chinese army will stop their flow, resorting to arms.

As for U.S. policy toward immigrants, the first option is to close its southern border America, then people will gather in the border towns, where the intense violence. As for the second option — the sixth category hurricane destroys Houston and its oil industry. As a result, the United States to curb the rise in fuel prices, will be forced to sell off all the accumulated strategic oil reserves. Some countries take advantage of this, block the oil pipelines, and then America will have only themselves to blame!

Get ready now

And it should be noted that the Americans have now seriously preparing for climate wars. The experts at the Pentagon and U.S. intelligence agencies are predicting that in the next decade, the U.S. will have to send the military in various regions of the world, not for the overthrow of dictators and the alleged destruction of nuclear weapons, and to deal with the effects of natural phenomena. For soldiers to develop new "desert" rations, anti-dust suits, field sanitation facilities and new, "pyleustoychivye" weapons.

Russia this year also stopped buying many traditional weapons and started to build numerous frigates, amphibious assault ship, which means that in the future, return to the "gunboat diplomacy" (a show of force.) Moreover, our citizens are armed, five million Russians already have shotguns and "travmatik", and the number of owners of these dangerous "toys" is growing by 400,000 people!

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