The most sensitive instrument — the human body

February 26, 2012 20:01

Biooperator Sergei Savinov.  Photo: via-midgard.infoMany have heard of the phenomenon of dowsing, which allows you to define different kinds of anomalies, whether of water underground ore-bearing deposits, disease in humans or animals. I first encountered the phenomenon of dowsing, when he went in 1985 to the area of the Tunguska meteorite. There's generally a lot to me was new, and among them — a strange reaction of so-called dowsing framework.

Source of information

As tall as a basketball player, with fashionable stubble on his face, UFO researcher with experience and class biooperator on their side hobbies, Sergei Savinov spread out on the table in front of me two cards. One — the Volgograd region, the other — of the Volga. On the maps of some shaded areas, pencil "plus" and "minus", wide lines, contouring separate zones.

— Here, completed job for … — he said, putting his hand on a map of the city. — Two years it took. Went around the city with the dowsing rods. Consider, from April to October, while dry, walked, checked and rechecked. — And laughed at my dumb question: — The distribution of geopathic zones in our city. Then two months sitting on the scheme with a pendulum — specified … In each grid cell elicited charge, checked several times. Now it is possible to guide …

And he began to tell:

— This is actually the third in a row card, which I did for term-time dowsing. The first was a map of the energy bands of Voskresensk, near Moscow. I lived there for several years and worked, so the interest in the survey of the city is clear. My second job — map of Volgograd region. It's as if I was doing for myself. Well, to check something, to detect trends. Of course, the pendulum did not have to travel around. And then made a map of the Volga. She'll probably especially interested.

I very carefully delved into consideration spotty areas and their boundaries.

What is interesting for such a card, what information can be gleaned from them?

They are unusual in that illustrate how geopathic zones located on the ground and sometimes help to navigate in different situations. Let me remind you: the name comes from the geopathic Greek words geo (ge) — earth, Patos (pathos) — suffering, illness. In contrast, he geopathic, positively charged area called geomantiynymi. So, geopathic zones cause the disease. But now it's not about the map, but the dowsing, through which much can be seen.

Mysterious beyond

A hunting expedition in the area trading Vanavara to the scene of the Tunguska "newcomer" radically affected the change in my world. There I was almost every day learned something new and different, which is not a word in school and university textbooks. UFOs, about aliens, the noctilucent clouds, life after death, the multidimensionality of space and future space missions through the "worm transitions" between spaces. In short, much to wonder at the time.

In the same, I was introduced to the principles of dowsing and dowsing showed action framework. At that time it was not the L-shaped frame, as now, but rather cumbersome wire design, which had to hold in both hands. With the box, as I have explained, the researchers looked for local inhomogeneities on the ground, fragments of the meteorite, the old roots — traces of the tragedy of 1908.

— Pick up a box and come to a tree — advised me of one of the veterans of CSE (complex amateur expedition) Valery Kuvshinnikov.

I did so. And when the tree had to three meters, the frame in my hands suddenly came alive! Wire device began to rise up from the ground, breaking the law of gravity, as if under the influence of the magnetic force! It amazed me. The question of how and why this happens, Valery pointed to another tree: — Now go up to him.

Just steps from the spruce frame alive again, but the rotation was in the opposite direction. It rose, but inside of outstretched hands.

— You've just found that the trees differ in their energy, — smiled Valery, Tomsk scientists. — There are trees donors as birch, to which you went first, and there are trees vampire. For example, spruce, aspen, poplar, and others. Frame responds to bio plant and indicates which of its energy they sign.

After an introduction to the work bioramok, of course, I was more interested in them. Learned that Dowsing refers to the ancient ways to move earth ore and water, give you five thousand years ago in ancient Egypt. Kept different names phenomenon: dauzing, radioesteziya, dowsing, as in all these cases have been or vine, or hazel, willow flyers, reacted to the desired object — whether underground water, ore, treasure, or a cave. The encyclopedia of anomalous phenomena explained that "dowsing effect — an effect of rotation or oscillation of the pendulum frame in human hands for configuration for information on a subconscious level." Apparently, a lot of things our subconscious knows and discerns in the world — only problem is how to extract this knowledge.

Craftsmen with frames

Later I have been to conferences where details the achievements of dowsing. Geologist L. Korabelnikova, telling about the success dowsing for oil exploration wells, lamented the fact that in the Ukraine in the management of exploration of mineral resources has been a sharp object to the use of "anti-scientific" bioramok. The fact is that before from 10 wells, only 2 gave a positive result, but it pays for all ten wells. As a result, the efficiency of the method of dowsing gave 7.8 to oil wells out of ten, but in this case the control budget is reduced by several times. Quite profitable!

In another case, craftsman successfully repaired at night the first Soviet electronic computers BSMP-6. For half an hour it with a border easily determined the failed unit, and replaced it with the rest of the night was sleeping, getting to work bo-olshie money. But once for drunk told about the method of dowsing, and, of course, the payments fell sharply. Do not confide!

On our Volga plant EWT in the experimental shop number 11 also had a good craftsman-biooperator. With the pendulum is easily found in a block of multiple chips refused and fast troubleshooting. Sometimes he did not need even the block, was to deploy on the table drawing to quickly find the cause of failure — the pendulum, again! Yes, a lot of the skills of successful dowsing — now forgotten ways of ancient people …


As you know, dowsing phenomenon based on the fact that a person has its own biological field and psychic abilities, so that it can receive information from the environment. Dowsing method is a simple and affordable means to address many issues, including the assessment of the structure of terrestrial radiation or geopathic zones. Frame or swingarm play the role of a kind hands of the instrument, which is based on the man himself — a complex natural product on earth. It is unfortunate that people are poorly informed about the method of dowsing — it can be used to solve a variety of issues, because it is out in the information field of the Earth, and there is much that is stored. I knew the only one that appealed to the biofield land almost on any occasion, and often met the information obtained. It is significant, but, as a rule, it was a very self-confident people.

In conclusion, the study of geopathic zones and their nature is ongoing and there is still much work to researchers.

Three vines from the Academy of Sciences

The awkwardness of biolocation as "pseudo-science" has occurred recently in the walls of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a guardian of immaculate purity of science. Gilt badge, awarded to the winners of the Demidov Prize — the most prestigious non-governmental award, which is given once in a lifetime — is the emblem of the Demidov "three green rudoiskatelnyh vine!" During the first Demidov ore sought primarily with wooden dowsers "pseudoscientific" Flyers. And finds!

Demidov thought that dowsing is a very useful craft. Not guilty dowsers ancient and modern, that the Academy of Sciences of lack of intelligence to find scientific background to the amazing human ability to feel the ground under heterogeneity in the form of water veins and ore bodies. However, many of the phenomena of the current academics, alas, are not the teeth.

Well, as we now enter the Academy of Sciences? Remains or eliminate Demidov Prize and no longer reward its scientists, dowsing or removed from the list of "junk science" to "shame hath not." I think, one way out — to rehabilitate dowsing! And after other "junk science" will find an explanation. Unless, of course, not to stay in scientific research.

Gennady Belimo

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