The new dual-purpose electrical application developers from the U.S.

A new electronic dual-purpose application developers from the U.S.South American developers announces the release of an open software platform WorldMap, which will allow easier job of creating, publishing and sharing of maps in an electrical form. Different geospatial data will be analyzed by the software package, and based on them will be created by the present model at least some part of the earth surface or aqua. It is planned that WorldMap will become a connecting link between bolshennymi desktop geoprilozheniyami and lightweight Internet mapping variations of the field.

There is a large possibility that new application and serve a variety of military objectives. The fact is that app, in fact, is open, and so each user will be able to publish detailed data sets on the locality in which it is located. From the perspective of professionals in this situation will play into the hands of the troops in the case of the preparation of the operation is either a region of the planet. It turns out that the experts at Harvard University, who created the WorldMap, consciously or unconsciously demonstrate on light system to create such an enemy ground troops, which it sees itself opponent. We can say that WorldMap — electric spy which embedded in the rear of the enemy by the same enemy.

On the basis of such state of affairs, far not every government permit to use WorldMap for security of their own borders. Certainly, the South American spy satellites now and so a large-scale monitoring of the surface of the planet, but one thing is when you shoot from a great height, and quite another — when shooting close-ups carried out in all the graphic details.

But, for example, from the educational point of view of software WorldMap — It's just a good option to use for exercises in geography, history, literature and other disciplines.

It turns out that software developers are in a situation where WorldMap need to realize the greatest possible number of users, but this spread can be imposed significant restrictions for the reasons described above.

I should add that WorldMap is an open source, which allows you to add to the already existing and of new features. Application development is intensely now.

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