The new eyes for the sniper: clearer, more reliable and

Defense research agency DARPA began developing the perfect wide-angle optical sniper unit. The new device should fix all the flaws that are owned by the modern optical systems: a lot of weight, limited viewing angle, and a small range the act.

The new "eyes" for the sniper: sharper, more and more reliable

As part of the latest programs from AWARE will be held on the improvement of high-temperature medium wave infrared detector (HOT MWIR) which will be another step in the development of a family of compact thermal imagers.

The new sensor MWIR more than the highest operating temperature as compared to the standard detector MCT, in which base mercury cadmium telluride. With all of this HOT MWIR gives opportunity immediately conduct surveillance on small and medium-IR wavelengths. First range (1,4-3 μm) allows you to monitor the vast distances. Second range (3-8 μm) is used in the heads of homing missiles that capture heat engines of military vehicles.

Improved development HOT MWIR will opportunity the creation of small-sized thermal imager, which holds a greater range deeds than current devices of the same type. This will give the South American snipers significant advantage. Opportunity teplokontrastnye find targets at a greater distance, regardless of the dust and haze of days and NIGHT MODE, will allow in advance to find and hit a target beyond the range of modern optical systems. At this point, similar abilities have only a cooled infrared detectors, but because of the size they may be placed only on the heavy equipment — helicopters or tanks.

In addition, as part of AWARE is developing technology to increase the field of view optical system with a simultaneous increase in resolution capability. In the future, this will allow to create functional devices that use different wavelengths and can locate and identify targets at great distances.

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