The new family of armored modular type, at least not inferior counterparts zabugornom

Since 2014, the Military-Industrial Company planned delivery of multi-purpose armored modular "Wolf" for the Ministry of Defense. A message will appear in the "RIA Novosti" with reference to the representative of the company. At this point, tests are conducted armored car.

The new family of armored modular type, at least not inferior to foreign analogues
The new family of armored modular type, at least not inferior to foreign analogues
The new family of armored modular type, at least not inferior to foreign analogues

A representative of the military-industrial complex said that the Ministry of Defence in the current time make purchases of "Tigers", who own the third-class protection. In 2011, the agency purchased more than 30 units of machines, which in the main are involved in the Caucasus. For the military-industrial complex has always been done and delivered more than 200 "Tigers".

The main difference between armored cars "Wolf" from "Tiger" that they first developed a 2-designs: the armored and non-armored. This allows for installation and removal of armored protection without using special tools and fixtures. Bulletproof glass and armored corps are sixth grade protection. Available in armored cars "Wolf" and "Tiger" to "Arzamas Machine-Building Plant".

The family of armored modular "Wolf" is comparable to, and in most of the main characteristics of such a class is superior even armored cars "Iveco" of the Italian manufacturer.

Gross weight version of the base car MIC-3927 "Wolf" in the armored version is 7500 Kg, M65E19WM «Iveco" — 7100 kg, but the Russian car at all it can carry up to 1,500 kg of cargo, while the "Iveco" only 700 kg. Also, Russian armored car can carry more passengers — 10 to 5 in "Iveco". And in store engine power of 300 hp, versus 190 at the "Iveco" allows you to use different options for body armor regardless of the customer's needs.

Ballistic protection, Russian and Italian car similar to the basic version. Both have 3 units in terms of STANAG 4569. Mine protection of basic equipment "Wolf" inferior "Iveco" 1 unit to 2, in general, it is possible to order the upgraded option Russian armored car in which two units foreseen mine protection.

So Makar, most of the technical characteristics of Russian armored vehicles have superior like the Italian. Also, "The Wolf", which is the development of the upcoming line of armored vehicles "Tiger" meets or even exceeds other closest rivals — BBM "Eagle-4" Swiss-made armored vehicles and RG-32M «Nyala" from the South African producer.

In the modular design of new armored vehicles, armored windows, V-shaped bottom, on-board information management system and adjustable suspension. One of the distinguishing features of a family of "Wolf" is the fact that all components are fully Russian production.

For instance, armored car equipped with the engine JAMZ-534, which is one hundred percent responsible standards Euro 4 and 5, with a provision for increased power to 300 hp, allowing the car to increase armor protection in a wide range.

The required level of ballistic protection provided false panels made of composite materials. The data are also promising requirements for mine protection, provides all-encompassing solution with the use of different screens, and special equipment in the cabin — a double floor and hinged seats.

It should be noted that the used-independent adjustable suspension provides a ride height change in the spectrum from 250 to 500 mm. Neither analogue zabugorny this can not brag. Namely, BBM "Iveco" similar mass armed irregular suspension and ground clearance is 315 mm. Now for the military of the three options armored modular design "Wolf."

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