The new fighter for the Russian Air Force

The new fighter for the Russian Air Force

Su-30cm pilots will receive less than a year after the design of the order

The company "Irkut" and Sukhoi began flight tests of functional fighter Su-30cm, set up to supply the Ministry of Defense.

September 21, 2012 at the airport of Irkutsk aviation plant — branch of JSC "Corporation" Irkut "- took the first flight of the aircraft of this type. After a four day or for tests joined the second Su-30cm. In both cases, the first flight was quite lengthy — about 2-hours and passed without comment.

As the president of the company in August, "Irkut" Oleg Demchenko, aircraft delivery to the customer will begin in 2012.

The agreement between the Ministry of Defence and the company "Irkut" 30 Su-30cm in the period up to 2015 was signed in March 2012. In August, the first deputy defense minister Alexander Sukhorukov said that by the end of the year can be entered into another contract for a second batch of Su-30cm.

Attention is drawn to relatively rapid implementation of the agreement. Never in the near future the Air Force did not get myself a new type of aircraft less than year design after the order. This was made possible thanks to three factors.

In 1-x, Su-30cm — this is evolution perfectly spent the last years of the export of the family Sou-30MKI.

In-2, work on a version of the aircraft for the Russian Air Force "Irkut" and Sukhoi Design Bureau started for a long time before signing the contract.

B-3, Irkutsk aviation plant in recent years increased the measured pace of series production aircraft of this type, in parallel improving technology and expanding production facilities. Here it was possible to reach a record for the Russian aviation industry output volume on the 1st working — about 4 million rubles a year.

The meaning of the purchase of aircraft opened Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, commenting on the signing of the contract with the "Irkut": "The imminent entry into the Armed Forces of the modern double super-maneuverable Su-30cm significantly increment the combat power of Russian Air Force. In addition, the technical ability of the aircraft will achieve a high level of training of pilots, which is particularly pressing issues in connection with an increase in the volume of purchases of military aircraft of the new generation. "

To combat …

Su-30cm is not only able to "increase the combat power of the Russian Air Force", and that the very principle — do it quickly. These fighters have modern avionics, strong radar with a phased antenna array and a wide arsenal of precision weapons grade "air-to-air" and "air-to-surface".

Unlike their predecessors in the family Su-27/Su-30, avionics CM based on the principle of open architecture that simplifies the integration of the new avionics and weapons systems. Apparently, some of these problems have already been solved, as officially stated that "the specialists of JSC" Sukhoi "fighter adapted to the requirements of the Russian Air Force radar systems, telecommunications and municipal identification", also "made the configuration of the weapons."

Note that the number of export missiles to Su-27/Su-30 is more effective analogues for internal use. This, namely, according to the company's claims nedavneshnie "Tactical Missiles" on the end of the test Kh-31AD and X-31PD. From export predecessors they differ dual-range, more powerful warhead and improved homing systems.

Would be superfluous to add that occurring in the media the idea that the Su-30cm is a modification of the Su-30MKI is not entirely accurate. View the export of the family "Irkutsk" Su-30 can not be regarded as something fixed. Su-30MKI fighters to India delivered alternately in 3 "persons" with the upcoming re-design of the first parties. The final form of delivery aircraft emerged in the second half of the 2000s to the Malaysian Su-30MKM granted, namely, modern opto-electronic defense systems. By the way, the representatives of "Irkut" informally to talk about the fact that the progenitor of the SM was specifically the Su-30MKM.

Do not stay and study in the field of improving the avionics of Indian cars, as evidenced by the statement of the future occurrence of upgraded fighters under the code name "Super 30". Another direction of modernization "Irkutsk" Su-30 — is equipping them with supersonic long-range missiles. Although disk imaging on these topics in relation to the Su-30cm no, all of these areas to improve the upcoming impartially make new abilities for the Russian Air Force.

Su-30cm with their unique to this day fighting qualities allow the creation of small aviation groups prototype perfectly adapted to control air, land and sea foe. In this context, it seems logical to completely unofficial reports on the likely deployment of Su-30cm in the group's Black Sea Fleet RF in the Crimea, where the number and composition of the components of the aircraft are limited inter-state agreements with Ukraine.

And to study …

Analysis of the merits and the second part of the statement of the Minister of Defence that the "technical ability of the aircraft will achieve a high level of training of pilots, which is particularly pressing issues in connection with the increase in purchases battle aircraft of a new generation. "

Here it is necessary to draw attention to the fact that the promising Russian Air Force aircraft such as the Su-35S and T-50, have only single cockpit. The primary task of training pilots to enable them to meet the new Yak-130. But the training of pilots goes far beyond the flight training and implementation tools. When it comes to transfer of combat experience, the development strategy of aerial combat with the real implementation of the entire arsenal of weapons, doubles combat vehicles may prove an indispensable.

It should also be added: the Su-30cm, Su-35s and T-50 — it's super-maneuverable fighter with thrust vector control, which in the battle of the Armed Forces to this day do not. Of course, the double Su-30cm to allow a rather short time to prepare a sufficient number of pilots for the Air Force a new species.

Summarizing, we state the reasons that led, in our opinion, the decision to purchase the Su-30cm by the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation:

  • worthy of fighting and learning ability, which can be increased with a view to increasing the efficiency and the Russian Air Force, and increasing the export potential;
  • excellent reputation of the Su-30MKI fighters in the world, confirmed by the teachings of the Air Force advanced aviation powers of the world;
  • well-regulated high-volume creation, providing acceptable for the customer, and the price for the artist aircraft.

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