The new gun, killing electrician

New weapons, killing electricianNot so long ago, the U.S. Air Force identified a significant amount of BAE Systems for research on the effects of electrical engineering of the new microwave weapons. It is possible that America will soon go on this type of weapons that allow all to win the war in the initial stage, because the troops in what does not work, no electronic device can not wage war.

It's no secret that the world has long been underway to develop a new type of arms, briefly referred to as microwave microwave weapons. It is a special generators capable of emitting electrical waves with frequencies up to 96 GHz and a length of about 3 mm. It is believed that such tool does not lead to destruction of enemy combatant armies, but the impact on their psyche, causing panic to leave the place acts of microwave radiation. In addition, it tool can disable all electronics, located in the troops of the enemy.

In fact the development of microwave generators that could be used as a weapon, began long ago. Doing something similar in the years 1960-1980 in the Russian Union. In 1977, our scientists for the first time succeeded in creating a generator, the power of which was 5 × 109 watts. But tests showed that the device is very average results — namely, failed to maintain radiation required frequency for quite a long time. Regardless of the next 10 years working to improve the system, using it decided to abandon all the same, and in 1990 in the Soviet Union on the Microwavetool, According to the 1st of its creators, "was put bold cross."

But overseas development continued, and by the beginning of this century were achieved very impressive results. Not so long ago in the United States have been tested one of microwave devices, received the title of "Silent Guardian". According to the statement of the U.S. military, the range of actions of a new instrument achieves 500 meters. Waves emitted by the antenna beam makes to the body of the enemy thermal spot temperature up to 50 degrees, causing intense pain reflex, although it is noted that such waves can seep into the skin only to a depth of 0.04 mm and can not cause a real burn.

The waves do not fall through the wall or glass, but ordinary odezhka not represent an obstacle for them. According to the 10 American journalists who have offered themselves as volunteers for the experiment, "it was painless, but" there was a feeling that odezhka on to you is about to break out. Once under the beam, you will soon start to show a clean pair of heels as his legs but his own will. For those of you just do not want to experience a similar again. "Observe the course of testing experts said that no one of those who was exposed to radiation, was unable to remain in place for more than 5 seconds, and the shock occurred after 3 seconds.

According to the developers, the likelihood of another modification system, allowing to equip such facilities ships, planes, helicopters. They are convinced that this tool can be used for detecting and disabling drones, and all electrical devices in the possession of the enemy troops.

Apparently, specifically in order to produce the necessary research to improve the upcoming microwave weapons, not so long ago, BAE Systems has received from the United States Air Force 150 thousand dollars. The implication is that these funds will be spent to study the vulnerability of electronics to electrical radiation and the development of technology devices defeat the enemy.

It became clear that South American military want to know what level of electric light can withstand the enemy's army and its own electrical control system. Literally purpose of the contract is to look for "Innovative cost-effective solutions to determine the sensitivity and vulnerability of U.S. and foreign systems in the criteria of the electrical environment of the highest power."

It is planned that the U.S. Air Force Laboratory at Kirtland Air Force Base in Nevada, along with spices BAE for 9 months, will conduct a series of tests and expose electrical equipment such as a computer, irradiated by strong electric waves directly to the non-long circuit. The purpose of these tests is to develop a predictive model of the emergence and development of such destructive phenomena. In the current time of similar models at the system level, providing detailed mapping of the impact of electric radiation on digital electronics, no.

Representatives of the U.S. Air Force argued that the study has both offensive and defensive capabilities. Military, first, you need to find out the main conditions of removing electronics from damage and to find the desired properties of the energy weapons, such as the free electron laser, which will firmly "fry" electric devices of the enemy. Also important to know how to protect their own electrical system, first big expensive systems such as control systems warships.

According to the developers of microwave weapons, such a model the impact of electric radiation on digital electronics might need and almost all the other projects of the U.S. military. For example, the U.S. Navy project can intrigue in the creation of programs from energy weapons (laser gun ship), which should be ready by 2014. Air Force, in turn, want to use the microwave blasts to disable the enemy "drones" and oppression of guiding air defense systems. There are also plans to install a laser gun with the possibility of destruction of electronics on B-1 bomber or helicopter.

So how litsezreem maybe soon the U.S. and its partners will move to a fundamentally different type of weapons that allow winning any war at the initial stage, because, as you know, the Army, in what does not work, no electronic device to wage war can not . However, skeptics point out that the microwavetool has a number of shortcomings. Namely, a strong dependence on energy supplies. According to the 1st of the Russian military professionals, "though what a microwave weapon should always be accompanied by a powerful electric station. Ultimately, to address such a tool is quite a bold guerrilla with a bag of TNT, which will be able to kill the nearest power line. "

Still would like to see our military experts at all the same not very hopeful for the guerrilla, and began to develop their own projects microwave weapons and ways to protect against its actions. And then it is fully possible that in this situation the way much of the modern Russian guns (air defense, missile defense, gallakticheskie and air assets), as possible targets of a new kind of weapons can quickly join the ranks of the samples yesterday …

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