The new Russian fighter in Malaysia

The latest Russian fighters to Malaysia

According to the "Russian newspaper", our country is one of the contenders to win the tender, which promises to fight hard enough. It is a question of supply to the Royal Malaysian Air Force 18-functional combat fighter aircraft.

At airshows contracts signed after long years of training, but the multi-billion dollar deals are made specifically for them. LIMAsalon, representing the interests of the Asia-Pacific region and South East Asia. Submit its exposure in this promising market increasingly sought to aircraft manufacturers and other weapons systems.

Russian manufacturer has recently dominated the interior LIMA: have invested heavily in the exhibition submarine helicopters. These funds are not wasted.

The latest Russian fighters to Malaysia

In the middle of the 90th our country signed a contract for the supply of 16 MiG-29N and 2 combat training MiG-29UB in Malaysia. For fifteen years, Russian fighters were robust air defense of Malaysia, but now come to replace the Su-30MKM. Specifically, thanks to LIMA salons in almost all countries, there were Russian military equipment and armament.

If you win the tender in the future, Russia expects not only economical multi-billion revenues, and coming right to develop friendly relations with Malaysia. The list of top contenders include Western: "Grippen", "Rafale", "Eurofighter Typhoon", South American "Super Hornet" F/A-18, as the Russian Su-30MKM.

In fact, Malaysia has a relatively modern fleet battle Aviation: Light F/A-18D Hornet fighter and attack aircraft Hawk Mk.208, MiG-29N, languid Su-30MKM. The composition of the Royal Air Force has 4 Air Division. One of them provides air defense. The second makes the function of the military transport. 3rd defends the rear. Last — it spies, airplanes, command and control, airborne command posts. Air contains about two hundred helicopters and planes, so the Malaysian market of the Russian Federation — is a very promising field of implementation. In addition to fighters, enthusiasm also call our helicopters and military transport aircraft.

Our country would not prevent develop advertising and exhibition projects at LIMA-salons, but this, for some reason, does not occur. But we have helped young acting only with the 2001 Lounge on Langkawi. And, when our country was to reduce the scale of the exhibition, the exhibition has lost its former significance.

The activity is defined as the interior marine and aerospace. It is a pity, in this time there was gallakticheskih sections because our country they did not provide. But at the time it is here that our homeland represented the various "peace" gallakticheskie phones and offered new launch services: in particular, are popular once have exposure draft "Air Launch".

The project involves a new method of launching missiles — with languid transport An-127 "Ruslan". At the equator dumped containers with missiles that can be put into orbit satellites of various kinds. But, despite the fact that we managed to achieve intergovernmental Russian-Indonesian agreement on the construction of "gallakticheskogo" airport, the project was never started. A pity, "Roskosmos" regarded it as forward-looking. After the termination of this propaganda Innovative ideas for salons LIMA, "gallakticheskaya" component of section ended its existence, leaving behind only a sonorous title of the section: "Aerospace".

But Western gunsmiths do not sleep and intensively expand their exposure to Malaysian exhibitions. At the end of the 90th was presented by wood model fighter "Eurofighter" the true value. Now — it is billed as a real fighting machine. "Rafale", designed by the French, is also represented at the airport and takes part in a demo flight.

Several European countries have shown the system shelling with personal radar-guided. Although the first in the world of radar scopes were invented in the USSR, 30-ty years ago, and even were in service in the Group of Russian Troops in Germany. But after the dissolution of the Group's unique armament without any trace of the missing. "The spirit of the" seized and sold nimble European gunsmiths.

Turkish company submitted electronic systems that can "blind" the instruments radar and missiles hit the special cannon and anti-aircraft missiles land defense. Interestingly, the ability to showcase their own systems, the Turks chose the Russian system of production as the "enemy."

The latest Russian fighters to Malaysia

And in Russia there is protection of air defense systems from such influences. They are allowed to be exported, but for some reason not in the exhibitions on display.

According to the "Rosoboroneksorta" potential Russian arms manufacturer in the market is quite high. We can offer a potential buyer really unique designs. But it is important to have a good-quality, colorful exposure to such salons as LIMA. Thus standards military equipment must be provided not only as plastic models, and the true value.

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