The new series of fires in Catalonia

After the Spanish north-eastern province of Catalonia fires broke out again, under threat are burning hundreds of acres of woods and fields. There are reports that the fire killed four people, two of them tried to escape the fire by jumping into the sea and drowned.

24 more Spaniard suffered burns and injuries. Some of the people have burns to 80% of the body surface, in critical condition are eight charred. Among the victims are foreign nationals. In the most dangerous regions, such as Girona, organized evacuation. The fire continued to spread around more unoccupied land.

Cause of the fire remains unchanged — sizzling drought and accompanying winds of 90 km / h So far, the fire has already destroyed 13,000 hectares of land. Many lesions caused overnight, until brought under control by local fire services.

For safety reasons, for the closure of several international routes connecting Spain and France. Only in Catalonia banned the use of 80 km of roads, located in a popular tourist area, which is now on fire.

Neighboring provinces assist in extinguishing fires in Catalonia. Thus, in place of ignition employed three specific aircraft and crew firefighters called from Zaragoza.


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