The new super-powerful explosive synthesized American laboratories

Each new generation is trying to outdo the last generation that is called inside to hellish machines and other tools, in other words — in search of a massive explosive. It would seem that the era of explosive in powder form gradually goes down in history, but the search for new explosives do not stop. The smaller the mass of the explosive, and the more it affects the force, the best it is a military spec. Activate the quest itself explosive dictates robotics, the introduction of small rockets and bombs big lethal force by drones.

The new super-powerful explosive synthesized American laboratories

Naturally, the perfect from a military point of view substance generally unlikely to be found, or when, but they say nedavneshnie development that something close to such a concept is still possible to get. Under the proximity to the ideal storage here refers to a measured, the highest power of affecting, a small volume and easy to transport. We should not forget that the cost of such explosive should also be applicable, on another creation on its base gun can devastate a military budget one way or another country.

Development for a long time going around the use of chemical formulas of substances such as TNT, PETN, RDX, and several others. But completely new products "explosive" science can offer very occasionally.
This is why the emergence of such substances as гексантирогексаазаизовюрцитан (the title — you will break the language) can be considered a real breakthrough in the field of its own. To crush at first the scientists decided to give this matter more digestible name — CL-20.
This substance for the first time had been received about 26 years ago — in the far already in 1986 in the South American state of California. Its feature is that the energy density in this matter until the highest in comparison with other substances. The highest power density of CL-20 and the low competitiveness in its production leads to the fact that the price of such explosives now simply astronomical. One kilogram of CL-20 is about 1300 bucks. Naturally, such a value can not be used explosive agent in an industrial scale. But soon, experts say, the cost of the explosives could fall significantly, because there are other options for the synthesis of гексантирогексаазаизовюрцитана.

If гексантирогексаазаизовюрцитан associate with the most effective to date explosives used for military purposes (HMX), the price of the latter is about $ 100 per kg. But specifically гексантирогексаазаизовюрцитан shows great efficiency. Detonation velocity CL-20 is 9660 m / s, 560 m / s greater than HMX. The density of CL-20 is also higher than that of the same HMX, and the means and prospects in гексантирогексаазаизовюрцитана too should be all right.

One of the likely trends in the use of CL-20 is now considered drones. But here's the problem, as the CL-20 is very sensitive to mechanical stress. Even ordinary shaking, which can occur with a fully UAV in the air can cause detonation of the substance. To avoid the explosion of the drone spetsy suggested the use of CL-20 in the integration of a plastic component that will reduce the level of mechanical stress. But such experiments conducted, it was found that гексантирогексаазаизовюрцитан (Formula S6N6N12O12) very loses its "killer" features.

It turns out that the prospects of this substance was great, but that's two and a half decades it so no one was able to order appropriate. But the experiences of last now. Yankees Adam Mattsger working to improve the CL-20, trying to change the shape of this matter.

The new super-powerful explosive synthesized American laboratories

Mattsger decided to use crystallization from common solution to obtain crystals of the molecular substances. Eventually released from their embodiment, when two molecules of CL-20, HMX has one molecule. The velocity of detonation of the consistency between the speed is 2-labeled substances individually, but with all this new stuff more stable than most CL-20 HMX and efficiently.

What neither the most effective explosive in the world? ..

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