The new system of landing Zodiac

The latest system of landing "Zodiac"

Popular company Of "Tethys — Inclusive System" for the first time demonstrated the system with the introduction of special forces landing boats Futura Commando 530. Vladimir Pechenevsky, being the head of the commercial department of the company, at the "Forum" Security and Safety Technologies "said about the main characteristics and features of this development.

Brand new development created together with "Zodiac" (France) and is designed to implement specific units landing from helicopters Ka-27 and Mi-8 in order to perform tasks during a counter-terrorism and rescue operations.

As highlighted Pechenevsky, the boat has a number of features. First, this is her bottom (bottom ceiling), which is a structure consisting of separate modules, Dural, between which there is no hard link. This feature of the bottom, according to a representative of the developer, allows the boat to roll in roll form and have it along with the engine and other accessories in a special container, dumped into the water, along with the combat swimmers.

Less than three minutes after the reset frogmen, using a can of compressed air, can cause the boat in readiness for use and to make the intended target. High speed and maneuverability of the boat, even at the highest speeds provided by the massive compact engine weight 98 kg and 50 horsepower.

Vladimir Pechenevsky said that the boat distinguished by the highest survivability, which is obtained from 6 compartments, which are connected between a high-pressure hoses. According to him, another feature of the boat, "Zodiac" is the absolute independence of its flexibility and speed of the degree of congestion.

With the greatest length of 5.3 m and a maximum width of 2.14 m, the total mass of 160 kg maximum load capacity boat — 1710 kg (a 12 fighters in full gear). If system is packed, its dimensions do not exceed the length of 1.7 m, and the width — 0.9 m System airdrop special units created to order security forces.

According to Vladimir Pechenevskogo, this year of "Tethys — Inclusive System" will present their new products to prospective buyers, who earlier in the Russian market did not show up, including the players. The need for the creation of Pechenevsky explained to them that the quality of zabugornyh analogues, which are delivered in Russia is very different from the real, is not in the best possible way.

In the middle of such products V.Pechenevsky noted engineering barrage obstacle (IZP) "Barrier". Its main features are a positive buoyancy and is designed for protection in the event of unauthorized penetration of small-size swimming facilities (boats, jet skis) on protected objects in the water. Equipping a "barrier" special railway network ensures the protection of the object under water.
In addition, the "Barrier" means installing underwater security in the form of an element of a special electrical cable made in Israel, in the case of rupture which is signaled excitement. At the same time on the floating modules "barrier" can be set and surface barriers for offenders in the form of Stitching wire fence.

Pechenevsky also told that "modules IZP" Barrier "- a polyethylene containers that are filled with rigid polyurethane foam having a higher density. Strength of the module is provided by the hollow metal core, which runs through it and connects the modules together. Thanks polyurethane foam provides the highest buoyancy module and corrosion protection of metal beams. The overall dimensions 2580 x 508 x 508 mm weight of the module "Barrier" when immersed in water does not exceed 103 kg.

The exhibition of "Tethys — Inclusive System" have also been demonstrated, and other developments of the company. Thus, the commercial director was awarded an automatic panoramic system Detection of the "Owl", a stationary underwater sonar system of "M-Seal", the creation of which is more than 6 years, and the protection of underwater sonar "Tral-M", which is widely used for the protection of various objects (objects of the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, NPP ) on the territory of Russia.

Vladimir Pechenevsky said company for the past 4 years producing for MIA mobile complex "Protect" which is designed to protect a parking space ships, "including those with nuclear power plants and radioactive waste." These complexes are copulate several security systems, the base of which lies in the implementation of different physical principles. This ensures the reliability of inflated object in all media throughout the protected perimeter, which can be up to 1.5 kilometers. In the development of the complex used Russian components. Given complex has no analogues in the world. The mobility of the complex makes it possible to bring it in readiness on the new location for 24 hours with a crew of 10 people.

The company of "Tethys — Inclusive System" comes in the Group of Tethys, which includes the leading Russian developers, manufacturers and suppliers of subsea, fire fighting, search and rescue equipment and the equipment, life support systems for Astronautics, emergency medicine, aviation, and protection of coastal resources and surface objects from the aqua waters.

The latest system of landing "Zodiac"

The latest system of landing "Zodiac"

The latest system of landing "Zodiac"

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