The new version of armored vehicles Tiger made by the Arzamas machine-builders

The new version of the armored vehicle "Tiger" made the Arzamas machine-builders

Arzamas Machine-Building Plant has started issuing a modified armored vehicle "Tiger-6A." The design of the car was based on the basic model of SPM-2 "GAZ-233036", "Tiger". One of the main advantages is the armored car protection housing, which is greater than the strength of the protection of ordinary army corps "GAZ-66" and "UAZ".

By the way, the "Tigers" are produced at the plant since 2005. "Tigers" can transport nine people at speeds up to 140 km per hour. Also, the crew of "Tiger" can create facing the firing of a hatch on the roof, and a sash that open on the sides and in armored glass in the doors.

At the moment, the armored car is available in several versions: SPM-1, SPM-2, a command-staff vehicle P-145BMA for law enforcement agencies and special military-industrial complex mc-23314 "Tiger-M" on the order of the Defense Ministry.

New "Tiger-6A" is used to implement a non-hazardous criteria of movement in combat commanders. Now armored car began preparations for the control of its tactical and technical characteristics, and then proving ground tests will be conducted. After all the prescribed checks and tests "Tiger-6A" is scheduled to start in the series.

Domestic machinery and equipment of the new "Tiger" does not stick out huge configurations, except that fundamentally changed the body. There was an extra armor entrance doors and the front part — all around the bottom and the windshield. This contributes to greater protection of the crew from bullets and mines. Also installed and additional armor protection motor. Installed an additional two side rear doors, like the front. They are used for a more comfortable fit crew. Increased thickness of the armor plate windshields, and has been modified mark armored steel to increment fire resistance "Tiger-6A." The design of the armored car appeared as combat cargo compartment which closed canopy, the back of the armored vehicles. The compartment is designed for a variety of needs motivated: how to transport another 2 persons, and for the carriage of additional weight. In the end, the new "Tiger-6A" was similar to the armored truck.

Salon has become more comfortable: together with seat belts and head restraints placed in the same "floating" seats on the shock absorbers that soften the ride on the road. Also installed protection from debris. In such protection increased number of technical fabrics. This prevents debris from the shells exploded inside armored vehicles.

Their impressions about the latest machine is divided head of MSC-6 Sergey Burov, "This new "Tiger" — a very successful car. For sporting and non-hazardous transportation of crew to come up with better unreal. I believe that the "Tiger-6A" has all the chances for the upcoming modernization. I'm sure she will take advantage of popular both in the domestic and external markets. " Additional protection is also supplied and auto engine. Coupled with the fact changed and the armor class of all glasses — from "5" to "6A".

Apart from the supply of "Tiger-6A" on the Russian market, a number of customers zabugornyh also interested in buying the latest model. Already 10 countries, including Jordan, Israel and Brazil, have expressed a willingness.

By the way, on the day at the factory, "the Tiger-6A" passed certification audit of the quality management systems of production, which is issued. The main purpose of the audit is attributable to the "AMW" certificate of management of property (QMS) requirements of GOST RV 15.002-2003 and GOST R ISO 9001-2008. In the certification took the role of experts at a specific system of voluntary certification of "Military Register". Specialists of "Military Register" decided to issue of "AMW" certificate of conformity of the products for a period of up to 3 years.

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