The new version of Tejas fighter will make up the fifth generation

The new version of the aircraft Tejas will get the components of the fifth generationAviation Development Agency (ADA) in India have graduated from the preliminary design of the latest version of the fighter Tejas Mk.2, reports IDRW. The implication is that the latest release of the Indian military aircraft components will be used by the fighter for the fifth generation FGFA, the creation of which India will deal with the Russian company "Sukhoi". These systems will eventually be installed on the Indian fighter fifth generation AMCA, created by the state without the help of others.

At the current time, ADA is developing aviation radar with an active phased array antenna. In addition to the AESA radar, Tejas Mk.2 will get refreshed cockpit with new computer systems, computerized assignments and sensory function monitor with multi-touch. This equipment will also be used in the Indian AMCA. As expected, most of the aircraft systems for a promising Indian fighter will be ready in the coming two to three years.

In addition, Tejas Mk.2 pereterpit certain configuration and design. Namely, fighter receive a longish wings in comparison with the ordinary Tejas, taking into service scheduled for December 2010. Thanks to the extended wings of the plane will be able to carry more weapons and fuel. Besides on fighter The increase will vozduhopoglotiteli. First October, the Ministry of Defence of India has announced a tender for the supply of favorite engines for Tejas Mk.1 and Tejas Mk.2. They will be fitted F414 propulsion U.S. company GE.

In fact, the only similar elements Tejas Mk.1 and Tekas Mk.2 will electroremote system control and system flight control. Last pereterpit minor configuration to the refreshed design Tejas Mk.2. Presumably, after the new girl version Tejas will go to the Air Forces of India, ADA will begin to develop the latest modification of the fighter — Tejas Mk.3.

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