The new version of the resolution on Syria is unacceptable for Russia again

The new version of the resolution on Syria is unacceptable for Russia againFear voiced in the media, confirmed: Russian Federation is not ready to accept the draft UN Security Council resolution on Syria proposed by Morocco. This was on Saturday said Vitaly Churkin, Russia's permanent representative to the UN.

"We do not believe that the draft resolution proposed by Morocco will serve as the basis for the exit from the resulting crisis, but our home is ready to continue the discussion on this issue — said Churkin told reporters following a closed meeting of the UN Security Council. — We have been designated a trait that transcend we can not. "

Churkin also told that our homeland against the imposition of new sanctions Syria and considers incorrect the resignation of President Assad, as this will be the outcome of the imposition of political dialogue — the "Interfax".

Project resolution proposed by Morocco confirms the Arab League peace plan, which includes an item on the transfer of the vice-president of the government of Assad and introduction economic sanctions.

Previous project resolution, which in October 2011 carried the vote in the Security Council, was rejected by China and Russia, veto. After that, Moscow proposed its own draft, so makarom surprising Western counterparts. But the disappointment gave way to ecstasy: the project does not provide for the imposition of sanctions, rejected the possibility of military intervention by other states, and the responsibility for the bloodshed equally assigned to both sides. Two subsequent editions were also not satisfied with the West.

One reason is loyalty to Moscow's reluctance to lose the Middle East market for weapons. "This is a litmus test for all states in the region. Who is left who work with us. Arabs are looking at how we are going to lead," — said Sergey Chemezov, director general of state company "Russian Technologies".

In Syria, the mess started 10 months back. Since the beginning of the conflict, according to the UN, the deaths of 5 to 6 thousand people. The opposition forces, supported by Western countries, are demanding the resignation of President Assad. At the same time, the Syrian authorities claim that there are "supported by outside militants."

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