The newest ship cost 2 billion dollars was sent back for revision

The newest ship a $ 2 billion was sent back for revision

Less than two months after the USS San Antonio was, after all, declared ready for admission to the armament, He was again withdrawn from service, as all 4 of its motor experiencing repetitive tasks.

Worth two billion dollars USS San Antonio suffered from problems with the time that was put into service, and for years was out of rotation of the U.S. Navy.

The first in its class, 700-foot amphibious transport was built by Northrop Grumman and delivered to the Navy in 2005.

Difficulties have occurred almost every node ship, but the engines generate the most problems, and Navy annulled the contract with Earl Industries LLC, because they were not able to do the job properly pay tribute to the ship.

Construction of the ship cost 840 million dollars more than planned, and at the time of transmission remained unfinished. Adm. JC Harvey released a statement from the U.S. Navy: take a leisurely ship on armament, we have overlooked a lot of critically important points, and took ship, which was ready to just 90 percent, and did not satisfy the standards and expectations of the properties of the South American fleet.

Military optimistic about this series of repairs and expect ship will be ready for his own 20-week preparatory deployment in August.

New ships class San Antonio prepyadstviya also experience but even the smallest degree.

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