The number of victims of cholera in the Dominican Republic, more than 13 thousand people


23.07.11.Za last week in the Dominican Republic have become victims of a cholera epidemic 11.
According to the Ministry of Health Caribbean islands, for the same period of time, doctors have recorded 773 cases of cholera, and the total number of Dominicans recover from it more than 13 thousand.

Cholera came to the Republic from the territory of a neighboring state — Haiti, where from October last year until recently been identified almost 350,000 cases of the disease. More than five thousand Haitians died in the epidemic.

Experts estimate the wave of cholera in the Dominican Republic as the epidemic of low intensity, but continues to urge people not to reduce vigilance and strictly adhere to them developed a set of preventive measures to strictly observe personal hygiene and consume only proven safe drinking water, according to ITAR-TASS.

Cholera came to the Dominican Republic with the neighboring state — Haiti, where in October of last year to June of this was revealed almost 350,000 cases. More than 5,000 Haitians have died in the epidemic.


Source: Lead

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