The number of victims of the cyclone Thane in India has risen to 42

The number of victims of the cyclone "Thane", which at the end of the week hit the south of India, has reached 42 people, among whom was a citizen of France, said on Saturday AFP.

Previously reported 33 dead. At least 26 casualties recorded in the coastal district of Cuddalore in Tamil Nadu. Also information about the victims came from other parts of the state and the union territory of Pondicherry.

According to the agency, the French Foreign Ministry confirmed the death of its citizen. Diplomatic agency warned other Frenchmen who gathered to celebrate New Year in India, and asked to postpone the trip for a few days.

Gust speed accompanying the cyclone is 140 kilometers per hour.

On Friday, the government of Tamil Nadu sent to the lakes and other water bodies in more than 20 special teams that will control the water level. In addition, the coastal regions of eight teams went national forces in the aftermath of disasters.

Fishermen advised not to go to sea. Tamil Nadu ports advised ships at sea away from the shore to a safe distance.


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