The numbers that rule the world




House and apartment, phone number and vehicle number, passport number and date of birth … How many numbers in our lives! Numerology — Mysticism numbers — claims that these figures are not destiny chance.

Everyone has their number given at birth. Write down your date of birth, for example, 19 October 1960 (10/19/1960). Then add up all the numbers: 1 +1 +0 +1 +9 +9 +6 +0. Result discharge the separate (in this case 27).

Now fold the resulting number (in this case 2, 7). Fold necessary as long as there will be a single digit. In this example, a nine. Now read what is your number.

UNIT. In many religions of the world, this figure — a symbol of divine power. Its media pronounced leaders seeking to power. To achieve the goal of these people rely on themselves and do not accept pressure from the outside. They are confident in their own unique and often succeed.

TWAIN. These people are characterized reverie and romanticism. They tend to indulge in philosophical reflections, but are good at adapting to circumstances. They give in easily in the details without departing from the main goal, so often achieve success in business. The duality of nature makes them unstable. However, the "Losers" — affectionate wife, unable to endure loneliness.

TROIKA. It is my strong trinity holy trinity. Troika — the symbol of the dynamic nature. People with number 3 artistic, prone to creativity and creation. They are generous, broad-kind, but in a marriage, these people do not tolerate the ordinary.

FOUR. People with this figure reliable and durable. They are not inclined to treason. More than anything in life value the reliability and stability. In feelings, and actions are usually simple-minded, so choose companions in life, "troechnika" it is not recommended — who quickly get bored. But for those who are looking for a partner to stay, the four media — what we need.

FIVE. In the five lies the strong but controversial energy. If the edge of a five-pointed star is looking up — its energy is positive if the tip down — on the contrary. Each carrier fives makes that choice for themselves. People with number 5 love freedom and experimentation, they are good lovers, excellent workers, but in a marriage with them-just — can be broken for no apparent reason.

SIX. The six-pointed star in ancient times was considered a symbol of harmony. Later, the top six were treated as a symbol of transition, of incompleteness. People with character 6 can deceive and subjugate others. The purpose of their life — to find true love. Their insistence to spouses increased. They are vulnerable, they are easy to disrupt.

SEVEN. This is a lucky number. People with number seven falls more luck than others. If your life is not so, then you have deviated from their destination. Try to understand at what point you've made the wrong choice. People with this figure inherent stealth, independent and non-standard actions. But deep down, these people are very emotional, so with a partner, "seven" is not boring.

EIGHT. A symbol of power. Eight laid on its side becomes a symbol of infinity. Eight carriers have a strong will, they are passionate about. They are usually tough love, conquered a tricky way. These people are determined and go around to the end. In marriage, they are distinguished by loyalty.

NINE. Symbol of the cosmos. These people are extremely sentimental. They are easy to move, they are able to experience the pain of others. Constantly need proof of love for them. Nine carriers — the ideal slave, ready to work day and night. In marriage, they perform feats, but they always need affection and support.

Zodiac 16.2004

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