The old woman was about to die, but it was stolen by aliens …

September 11, 2012 13:59

Chuchkovskogo resident district, which was lost in the forest, 87.
She left for mushrooms September 8, Saturday. As reported by alarmed neighbors, my grandmother went with his two watchdog. Neighbors and told the head of the village administration Nazarovka odnoselchanki the loss.

While the old lady could not find any police or MES orders.

Seems strange that the way home still have not found the dog. But after talking with the head of canine special forces (KOCH) Maria Rodionova, like, everything fell into place.
— Unfortunately, from these dogs should not wait for help — she believes. — Yard Dog owner not withdraw to housing. In the forest at all other odors, litter wild, wet … If the old woman suffered some attack dogs will just sit there and howl. Of course, we all heard wonderful stories about how dogs find their way to the house for hundreds of kilometers away. But such cases are rare. Both the single and the dog nyuhachi: of the 10 pups born one or two, that will be the talented "syskaryami."

The head of a rural settlement Konstantin Kharlamov in a telephone conversation with a journalist portal not agree with this opinion:

— We live near the forest, so that the forest — the native habitat for our dogs. Where did Catherine Zotovna — can not understand the whole neighborhood! First, it is a straight road and barely moved, with a stick, let alone pass it on windbreak! Second, the military scoured the woods with dogs, how they smelled relatives? We searched the houses and abandoned, and the territory of semi-abandoned psychiatric hospital — not our old lady. Our humorless joke that she was taken by aliens
According Kharlamov, just on Saturday after her niece came and wanted to take the city: an elderly aunt has said long ago, in September is going to die.

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