The origin of the moon

February 9, 2012 19:04

We are used to our only "natural" satellite that orbits the planet constantly every 28 days. But when we begin to analyze the physical properties of our friend neighbor, many details suggest that the moon can not be normal natural creation. Photo from

Moon dominates in our night sky, from ancient times it has affected the people most poetic soul strings. Although over the past few decades, offered new insights into the many mysteries of the moon, a large number of outstanding issues still surround our only "natural" companion. We used to rely on the white planetoid, which constantly cuts into orbit around the planet every 28 days, and has become an important part of our natural world. But when we begin to analyze the physical properties of our friend neighbor, many details suggest that the moon can not be normal natural creation.

The moon is made artificially? Why this absurd theory? The first hypothesis put forward in 1960 by Russian scientists, Mikhail Vasin and Alexander Shcherbakov, and later researchers and colleagues are interested in this hypothesis, an idea which has eight postulates, the analysis of which reveals some interesting features of our satellite. Below is a summary of these observations.

The first lunar mystery: a great companion, a small planet.

Compared with the other planets of our solar system and the path of the orbit, and the size of our moon is quite significant anomalies. Other planets, of course, also have moons. But planets with weak gravitational effect, such as Mercury, Venus and Pluto, they are not. The moon is one-quarter the size of Earth. Compare that with the huge Jupiter or Saturn, which a few relatively small satellite (moon of Jupiter is 1/80 of its size), our Moon, it seems pretty rare cosmic phenomenon.

Another interesting detail: the distance from the Earth to the Moon is small enough, and the size of the moon is visible to our Sun. It is a curious coincidence is most evident during the total solar eclipse, when the moon completely covers our nearest star.

Finally, nearly perfect circular orbit of the moon is different from other satellite orbits, which tend to be elliptical in shape.

The second lunar mystery: strange aberration.

The center of gravity of the moon almost 1800 meters closer to the Earth than its geometric center. With such a significant discrepancy, scientists still can not explain how the Moon manages to maintain its near-perfect circular orbit.

Third lunar mystery: craters.

After seeing photos of the lunar surface, are you sure that this is the world of the craters. The vast majority of cosmic bodies falling to the earth's surface, or completely burned in the atmosphere, or significantly reduced in size. Without an atmosphere Moon does not seem very "beaten." If we consider that the depth of these craters surprisingly small compared to their circle, then we can assume that the moon is made of extremely durable material, which prevents deep penetration. Even craters more than 280 km in diameter deeper than 6.5 km. If the moon would be just a piece of homogeneous rock, there must be craters, which are at least four or five times deeper.

Vasin and Shcherbakov suggested that the lunar surface can be made of titanium. In fact, been tested and found that the lunar crust has an extraordinary amount of titanium. Titanium layer is estimated Soviet team in nearly 32 km thick.

Fourth lunar mystery: lunar oceans.

What is a lunar oceans in nature? It is believed that these huge expansion of the lava came out of the depths of the moon because of the impact of meteorites. Although this theory can be easily explained by volcanic activity warm the planet, which melted the interior, many say that the Moon probably has always been a cold body.

Fifth lunar mystery: gravitational discrepancies.

The gravitational pull of the moon is not homogeneous. The crew on board the Apollo VIII when flying around the moon ocean, noticed that the gravity of the moon is sharp anomalies. In some places, gravity seems to mysteriously increased.

Sixth lunar mystery: geographic asymmetry.

On the back side of the moon (the side which is not visible from Earth), we found a lot of craters, mountains and geographical turmoil. However, by the Earth, we see the majority of ocean satellite. Why 80 percent of the lunar oceans are only one side of the moon?

The seventh lunar mystery: low density.

The density of our moon is about 60 percent of the density of the Earth. Various studies show that it must inevitably be hollow. In his 1982 book «Moongate: Suppressed Findings of the US Space Program» (Hidden results the U.S. space program), nuclear engineer and explorer William Brian II wrote that the data presented Apollo seismic experiments show that "the moon is hollow and relatively rigid." In addition, a number of scientists were so daring that have argued that such emptiness is artificial. According to the study of surface layers, the scientists said the moon, apparently, is a planet that was formed "in the opposite direction." This is another argument in favor of the hypothesis of man-made.

Eighth lunar mystery: other origin.

Over the last century put forward three main theories of the origin of the Moon. On one of them, the moon was in fact part of the earth, which broke away. Another theory says that the moon was formed at the same time as the Earth came out of a cloud of primary nebula. These hypotheses, however, do not explain the incredible differences that exist in the nature of the two bodies. A third theory suggests that after his wanderings in space and captured the Moon pulled into its orbit Earth. The problems of this theory lies in the explanations above: the moon is almost perfectly round and circular orbit, and it has a relatively large size. In cases where the satellites are attracted planet can expect more eccentric orbit, or at least elliptical. Another problem of the three theories — it is their inability to meet the high angular momentum between the Moon and Earth.

The fourth explanation is described in this article, is perhaps the most incredible of all. However, this may explain the various anomalies of the moon. If the satellite is built by intelligent beings, it is not subject to the "rules" that respect the body by a random process billions of years ago. In fact, many scientists have accepted this theory as no less valid than the other.

"When I first came across the shocking Soviet theory to explain the true nature of the moon, I was shocked. At first I found it incredible, and of course, I rejected it. When our expedition Apollo brought more and more evidence to support the Soviet theory, I had to accept it "- Don Wilson writes in the prologue to his book on the study of the theory of an artificial satellite« Our Mysterious Spaceship Moon »(Our mysterious ship Moon).

If the Moon is really man-made object that was the purpose of this, and who built it? Whether it was just done to the night sky was a "flashlight", or were other considerations of the design? Her field affects our tides, menstrual cycle of women, and some believe that the full moon can even affect our mental state. Becoming an integral part of life on Earth, it is hard to imagine our world without the moon. But perhaps mankind once knew a moonless sky.

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