The pace of growth in sales of cars Russia came out on top in the world

In the first half of 2011, the Russian car market showed record levels of sales, ahead of other countries. However, it is not about absolute numbers, but about the percentage. However, in practice leader in providing services to companies in the automotive industry PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Stanley Root of fundamental importance to a positive trend.


If it continues, by 2016 the Russian car market will take the first place in Europe with sales of passenger cars in the 3 million pieces per year.

Yesterday Stanley Root presented an overview of the traditional market for new passenger cars in Russia in the first half of this year, and forecasts of its development. According to PwC, the Russian car market has recorded a high rate of post-crisis growth. For example, sales of passenger cars in six months increased by 57% over the same period last year — to 1.16 million units. In monetary terms the market also set a new record for the post-crisis. The increase was 85% immediately — 27.2 billion

As a result, Russia ranked first in the world, by a wide margin ahead of the growth rate of sales of passenger cars car markets of other countries. For comparison — in India's passenger car sales rose for the first half of this year by 16% in the U.S. — 13%, in Germany, and Brazil — 10% in China — by 5%. In this case, the UK car market, Italy and Spain have gone into negative territory — minus 7%, minus 13% and minus 27% respectively.

In the second half of the year Ruth Stanley expects some decline in sales of passenger cars. And then over-year growth could reach 20 to 40% (2.1-2.5 million cars), which represents 90% of the pre-crisis level. However, in this case, Russia is quite capable to save the world leadership. And not only this year but in the medium term. In 2016, according to Stanley Root, our country can be sold 3 million new cars. And then it will become the leading Russian car market among the European.

Western automakers have created auto plants in Russia, looking to the future with as much optimism. In particular, the general director of the Russian subsidiary of Volkswagen Marcus Ozegovich convinced that the Russian car market will be the largest in Europe even earlier — in 2014-2015, ahead of the German.

Russia's accession to the WTO, if it becomes a fact, according to Stanley Root, will not lead to fatal consequences for the domestic auto industry. In the industry there is a seven-year transitional period to adapt to working in a highly competitive market with the world's automotive companies. In the five years to grow production cars at Russian plants to grow and imports cars. "I think these trends will be nearly equal. Foreign cars, as produced in Russia and imported, will be the most dynamic segments of the sales, "- said," NG "Stanley Root.

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According to him, AvtoVAZ presence in the market will retain a greater extent through joint projects with the "Reno". But the share of "harmony" and "Lada", sold on the domestic market will gradually decline. Moreover, this tendency may schedule later this year. One of the reasons — curtailing state program scrapping older than 10 years. As an anti-crisis measures, the program on which the budget has allocated 30 billion rubles., Was efficient and played into the hands of the Volga car in the first place. Almost 77% of the 600 million cars sold under the scheme, it was necessary to vazovskie model. Now the situation for the enterprise can not begin to change for the better.

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