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"Red North", 08.04.2004, Vologda, n70

Author: Helen Gubin

Ustyuzhenskaya "anomalki"

_ * August 31, 1997, at four o'clock in the morning, ustyuzhanka Valentine Belyaeva woke up from that longed. Went into the kitchen, flooded with light. Outside the window, right in front of the house, high in the sky, in the well-luminous halo was a large ball of fire inside the circle is clearly visible … man's face. * _

"A man appeared to be in 60 years, a high forehead, wrinkles, it is clear that" man "is wise. And the face is rotated in a clockwise direction — says Valentina. — I opened the window, began to observe.'s Face moved down, then up, as if trying to escape from a plate on the inside of the ball. From these plate movements also fluctuated. "

Valentine ran to wake her husband, but to wake up for the sake of spectacle, he did not want to, "You, Val, is seen." When she returned to the kitchen, everything began to disappear. Total score of a strange vision lasted about five minutes.

"Then I noticed the first time, when you see something unusual and talking about it to another person, everyone immediately disappears. Maybe not everybody can see it. A year ago, in December, I went to my parents on the other side of the Mologa bridge . lunch time, flying over the river glowing spot, coming towards me. Flies are not right: what up pops up, then goes down, the bright flash, then fades away. frightened me, I'm afraid to go, but now … I postwoman to it: "Lyuba, look!" "Probably — responsible — Val, is the Moon." "Yes, what is this moon!" And as soon as I drew her attention to the spot, "Moon" disappeared "- says Valentine Belyaev.

Ustyug before "admire" the strange phenomena that defy logical explanation, they decided to create a social club "Anomalka." Some townspeople brought "abnormal" diaries, which recorded data not only about the "extreme" cases, such as, for example, "a person in the plate," but also a "small ball", fast-moving bright stars. A ustyuzhanka Love Golovanov began corresponding with the capital ufologist Michael Gerstein, counting Ustyuzhna anomalous zone. Especially the area Chesavinskogo field — it's really a field of wonders. There and sky often lit and snow appear unusual tracks …

The first meeting of the "Anomalki" have passed in 1997-1998. The people gathered not that much, but were present, as they say, is really interested persons. Physicist, mathematician, lawyer, doctor, librarian, age "anomalschikov" — the most diverse … He studied magazine "Miracles and Adventures", carried on the discussion clippings about UFOs, physicist refute visions, witnesses a kooky did not consider themselves: there are too many in Ustyuzhna crazy? After some time the club disintegrated: the debate around it made no sense, serious scientists who could make any significant findings (UFO is, the satellite, natural wonders, or the Americans so we are studying) in Ustyuzhenskaya no edges.

But miracles have been, and remain. More recently, a married couple was returning from Cherepovets to Nicola. We drove himself to the car and flew through the sky glowing red ball, like a meteor. And it is fine with it, a meteor, so the ball was moving in a broken, only he guided trajectory — known to science as meteors do not fly. Another Ustyuzhanin with friends in the early morning fished under a bright luminous orange stripe, which posiyav over fishermen, elegantly retired and disappeared from sight.

And the story "brought" from a nearby Cherepovets. Late in the evening the father and son were sitting in his apartment. Suddenly, through the open window in the room penetrated the unknown creature, and do not seem to open his mouth, it was something to predict and some conditions dictate. People were so scared that the boy had lost the use of his hands, the man — it. After the visit a "guest" brought them a long time.

Many Ustyug, anyway contacted with a UFO, then watched an equally strange things. The "after" person in the plate ", the next day, I sit in the room, suddenly smoke in the eyes from the floor up and disappears. And so a few times. Prikruzhivaetsya head a little bit. This is not only with me but with other witnesses were — recalls Valentine Belyaeva — people serious about this. But if I could see why I should not say this? I think — I must say. "

By the way, Valentina informed us that on February 29 Ustiuzhna the first meeting of the revived "Anomalki," now called the club more seriously — "anomalous phenomena." And the theme is the same — "UFO — a mystery of the century". Eternal, in general, the topic. And the eternal mystery.
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