The pilots did not have photographed a UFO, and lightning




UFO captured on film plane Air Force Mexico, are actually fireballs, say scientists from the National University of Mexico. As reported by Spanish newspaper El Mundo, such a conclusion is made on the basis of the analysis of the film, which was filmed UFOs.

The same conclusion about the nature of the mysterious objects came and scientists from the Institute for Nuclear Research and the Institute of Astronomy. According to them, the pilots were unable to recognize this natural phenomenon, since it is extremely rare, and its cause is still not known until the end.

Fireballs are spherical objects made up of low-density ionized gas, heated to a temperature of several thousand degrees. They are attracted to metal objects and disappear when faced with any obstacle. Typically, they are difficult to see with the naked eye, so the easiest to detect fireballs with radar or infrared camera.

IA "Rosbalt" reminds that on May 12 Mexican Air Force pilots have made a video appearance of the eleven unidentified flying objects in the sky over the southern Mexican state of Campeche. Lights, similar to the light from a powerful searchlight, appeared at an altitude of 3500 meters. However, only 3 items registered on the radar of the aircraft. Mexican fighters began to pursue objects. The lights went out after the aircraft stopped the pursuit.


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