The plane crashed in Ukraine


5.09.11.V Teplice area between the villages of Sasha and Kostyukovka Vinnitsa region on Saturday dropped AN-2, caught in the tops of the trees, the pilot was killed.

This was reported in the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in Vinnitsa region. According to him, on Saturday, in the morning the plane had been working in the fields of one of the Vinnytsia farms.

After refueling, taking off, it was about 12 hours, the plane caught chassis for top of the tree, rolled over and hit the ground. After that, the plane exploded and started a fire which saw the villagers Sasha, they called emergency services.

At the controls of the plane were 60-year-old resident of Poltava region, who was killed on the spot, UNIAN.

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