The Red Sea has a new island

In the past year, our planet has acquired a new piece of land. A volcanic eruption in the Red Sea, which began in December 2011 led to the formation of a small island and the satellite NASA EO-1 photographed the process.

The published in the online edition of Universe Today photo taken American scientific satellite December 23, 2011, clearly shows the eruption taking place on an island in the Red Sea. Meanwhile, if you look at the picture of the same area off the coast of Yemen on October 24, 2007, the volcanic island you will not see! The area where the eruption continues, is on the border of the African and Arabian tectonic plates. It's called — the Red Sea Rift. Its width is more than 400 km. By the way, this rift tectonic activity explains geological events in the valley of the Afar in Ethiopia. There, in 2005, only a few days a crack length of almost 50 kilometers and a width of 7 meters.

A volcanic eruption in the Red Sea on December 19 saw the fishermen. According to their reports, lava fountains rising over the sea to a height of 30 meters.

In May 2010, using spacecraft EO-1, launched 11 years ago, American researchers have been able to obtain a high quality image ash column rising above the Icelandic volcano Eyyafyatlayokyudl.

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