The school with the damage




Parents accused teachers of witchcraft

No, strangely enough, this time the book of the Harry Potter series has nothing to do with it. Location — the high school in the south of Tanzania. An ordinary school in the heart of the Dark Continent — 800 pupils, ordinary African boys and girls, teachers, subjects — everything seems like everywhere. Or not?
This is the fifth month in a school there is something wrong. Schoolgirls — from different classes and different ages but only girls under the age of sixteen years — lose consciousness right in the classroom. Since January this year, fell into a swoon 27 schoolgirls — many more than once, some, according to the parents' home and lost consciousness. Doctors who examined the affected children, no disease is not discovered and recognized them as completely healthy.
The cause of syncope remained unexplained and strange things going on. After recently in one day without consciousness were eighteen pupils, parents in a panic looking for the guilty and not finding a decent explanation, draw an angry speech to the school teachers — some of them surely sorcerer and sent down to the children spoilage.
The headmaster is tired of listening to complaints and accusations: "Complaints are unfounded and insulting teachers — thanks to the students, they earn their daily bread!" Local residents have expressed and other original assumptions — perhaps on the immature child's mind badly affected by the loud voice of the imam calling Muslims to prayer in the hour of the day, or maybe it's just a typical teenage neurosis? Or just an urban rumor?

Moskovsky Komsomolets

Elena Solodyankina


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