The Story of a werewolf

No specific conclusion on the subject. There are disputed facts, witnesses confirm some documentary evidence of these mystical creatures.

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It all began 250 years ago. One June evening in 1764. Fourteen year-old shepherd from St Etienne went missing. After some time, found her remains. All the evidence pointed to the fact that it had been eaten. Just a day after the loss of a child, the church has marked another death. A peasant woman was murdered. Half of her face was gnawed. In August, the event repeats, and in September, anxiety was exacerbated 1 st and 8 th day of the murder of this kind took place in the city.

The first description of the werewolf gave the local shepherds. They said that this monster with an elongated snout, a huge growth and big mouth. He likes to eat human brains, breasts and lick the blood.

In 1765, several more murders. Was noted where the attack took place on several people at once, but some people managed to fight back and stay alive.

The government has decided to introduce the dragoons in the village. But the locals hated them. Not only that, they did nothing, so fed and accommodated at the expense of the peasants. And even though they cut the 12 hundreds of wolves, their captain was forced to concede defeat.

Meanwhile, lists of victims and rumors spread. In the end, he found out about his Majesty of France, Louis IV.

For all the time there were two hundred and thirty cases of attacks, half of which ended with eating people. It was only in 1767 the hunter, Jean Chastel managed to kill a werewolf. In the carcass showed undigested things on the eve of the murdered victim.

After that Chastel went to Versailles, but the carcass was already rotting and unrecognizable, he failed to prove that it was a werewolf and was forced to bury the corpse of a monster without leaving his study.

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