The story of Chinese oncology: the doctors are cashing in on cancer


Chinese doctors are cashing in on cancer patients. Photo: Getty Images

16.04.12.V Chinese hospitals is common practice for a long time from a purely selfish motives to prescribe expensive medications and prescribe expensive treatments, which are not needed.

One young doctor told how doctors are cashing in on cancer patients.

Profit-seeking, which is rapidly captures Chinese society in 30 years, since the beginning of the policy of openness, did not pass, and the medical field. In this area there are already branched chain structure and the interaction of physicians outpatient clinics, hospital doctors, junior medical staff and pharmacies, who help each other to make a patient.

Earlier we talked about the fact that in Chinese hospitals for profit without appoint a dropper even infants who have a slight cold, and how the same reason mothers are strongly advised do c-section, which is an order of magnitude more expensive than natural childbirth.

In the middle of last year, was also high-profile cases, when the doctor removed without anesthesia just imposed on the wound stitches after learning that the patient does not have enough money to pay for medical care provided to him.

Many say that the era of these "angels in white coats" in China has long passed.

According to opinion polls, medical workers in China is second, after the government category of persons to which the Chinese do not have confidence.

The following is an abridged translation of articles, confession of a young doctor a cancer hospital, for which, apparently, the Hippocratic Oath still has some value, as opposed to his many colleagues.

"All people have the instinct of self-preservation. No exception and cancer patients who do not want to just sit and wait for death. That is their desire to get at least some hope for a cure and increases the greed of some unscrupulous providers.

In 2009, I graduated from medical school, and I was lucky to find a good job right specialty. I became a doctor, one of the oncology clinics in Shandong Province.

On the second day of my work to see me come to an elderly man. He had a late-stage liver cancer, and the treatment was useless. On his clothing could be assumed that wealth in the family is small, so the more it made no sense to spend the money on drugs.

I withdrew in the direction of his daughter and told her to refuse treatment, explaining the situation. She cried, and her father took her home. A week later, I found that this patient was to be treated in our hospital. The head nurse told me that he did not want to just sit at home and wait for death, sold the apartment for 300,000 yuan ($ 47 million), and re-enrolled at the reception, but another doctor, who gave him a treatment.

This elderly patient also scolded me, saying that I have a problem with medical ethics, that I can not cure it and so sent home to die.

At the end of the month we all were given a prize of 600 yuan. Head held a private meeting with us, in which he said that the percentage of revenue from our offices. After a pause, he said: "I will not explain much, you can certainly write cheap drugs, it is your right, but do not consider themselves compassionate Bodhisattva (Goddess, approx. Ed.) And because of that is in need."

When he said this, all at once looked at me, and I was ready to sink into the earth with shame.

But I did not understand what my mistake. So I called my sister, who worked as an oncologist in another city. She said that in the beginning she had the same problem, they also award physicians are directly related to the cost of the prescribed treatment. But now she is trying to write a little more drugs and, if possible, the most expensive.

Soon to me again addressed patients with advanced cancer. With the sad experience, I advised his wife to use more expensive drugs, citing the seriousness of the disease. She immediately agreed and said that he would pay any amount of money to cure her husband.

As a result of this patient, we spent two months to spend 400 million yuan ($ 63 million), and died.

I was hard on the heart of the feeling that I blame him, but after the funeral, the family thanked me for the effort, and it calmed me a bit.

In a few more months, I diagnose patients early stage lung cancer and referred him for surgery to surgery. In a few days the surgeon who did the operation he invited me to a restaurant for lunch and returned in the envelope 500 yuan. I tried to refuse the money, but he said that I should definitely take them. Then he winked and said that it would be sent to my patients to chemotherapy, and that we worked very well.

After that, he gave me a lecture on how to "correctly": "When it comes to a cancer patient, first sent him into surgery, so he underwent an operation from which you will earn interest. Then sends it to chemotherapy, then the department of radiation oncology. When you get to these parts interest, throw the patient to doctor of Chinese medicine and is sent to buy drugs of Chinese medicine. "

Later I saw that this was the work in our hospital. One patient with gastric cancer, the insistent recommendations of our doctors, went through all the possible methods of treatment, and three months later he died. I secretly looked at his medical records and found that there is no stated purpose of all these medications.

There was another case. One of my friends sent me a surgeon 70-year-old woman, which he did the operation. The woman had an early stage of lung cancer and, in principle, and it is without chemotherapy could live a long time. But I asked her to continue the expensive treatment. Then the grandmother asked whether she needed chemotherapy and if I answer, if her illness was aggravated after she dies?

I was speechless, because he knew that at her age, such treatment is likely to cause side effects. As a result, I have appointed her another operation a year later she died. "

Ilya Ivanov

Source: The Epoch Times

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