The submarine Rostov-on-Don lies at the Admiralty Shipyards

Laying non-nuclear submarine (NNS) B-237 "Rostov-on-Don" was held November 21, 2011 in the workshop of "Admiralty Shipyards".


This is the second non-nuclear submarines of the project 06363, planted at the Admiralty Shipyards in the interests of the Russian Navy. In August 2010, there is construction of a submarine "Novorossiysk" a similar project.

It is assumed that the ships will be serving in the Black Sea Fleet. Transfer of the Navy of the first submarine series to be held in 2013. The completion of the second and the third is scheduled for 2014.
Earlier media reported that the number of ships in the series may be extended for a further three units for delivery in the last submarine in 2015.

The acting director of the company Alexander Buzakov said that "Admiralty Shipyards" build a total of six such submarines for the Navy — one head, inherent in the last year, and five series of boats, the first of which was the "Rostov-on-Don."


A submarine of project 636 (NATO reporting about Improved Kilo) may develop surface speed of 17 knots, submerged — 20 knots. Maximum diving depth is 350 meters. The boat is capable of autonomous navigation in the 45 days. The ship's crew of 57 people. Ammunition is 18 torpedoes or missiles.

On the "Admiralty Shipyards" under construction are also two diesel-electric submarines of Project 677 "Lada" — "Kronstadt" and "Sevastopol" (Export version — "Amur-1650"), designed to CDB ME "Rubin".

In April 2010, the state tests of the head of the fourth-generation diesel-electric submarine "Saint Petersburg" Project 677 "Lada"

JSC "Admiralty Shipyards" — the oldest Russian shipyard, founded November 5, 1704. The company specializes in the design, production and modernization of vessels for the merchant fleet, as well as the construction of ships for military purposes.

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