The tragedy in New Zealand. Since September 2010, seismologists have recorded in Kraysterche 7500 earthquake

The first major earthquake, will cover the second largest city in New Zealand, there have been 10 months ago. Five months later Kraysterch shuddered under the new more powerful tremors, resulting in 181 people killed and the center of the city in ruins. The last major earthquake in Kraysterche happened a few hours ago, reports the Associated Press.Since September 2010, seismologists have recorded in Kraysterche 7500 earthquake, which means that more than 20 earthquakes a day.

Seriously injured the city, however, still breathing. Many have left the city for good, leaving behind their homes and stay in which it became unsafe. Others are waiting for a global reconstruction and hope that their homes still stand for.Christchurch — a city-disaster, which the world has forgotten. The town was first attracted media attention a few months ago, when the earthquake flattened hundreds of buildings throughout the city, and on the main dome of the cathedral spire collapsed to the ground. The population of Christchurch, which is 390 000, it is in a panic, but in two weeks the world's attention turned toward Japan, and New Zealand "Fukushima" forgotten.However, on the scale of a small New Zealand with a population of 4 million people, this tragedy is almost more global than "Fukushima" for the Japanese. The damage caused to the country by earthquakes, estimated at more than $ 12 billion, representing 8 percent of the annual GDP of New Zealand. Compare this with, say, the U.S. Hurricane Katrina, the damage of which was less than one percent of the U.S. gross domestic product. With per capita, the earthquake in Kraysterche strongest blow to New Zealanders than the tsunami — the residents of Japan.And no one can say what will happen next. Even the experts. The probability that the end of the year Kraysterch shudder new earthquake is 30 percent, say geologists.The strength of the September earthquake was 7 points. It occurred about 30 kilometers from the city, but, as is always the case, pushing soon trickled down to the second largest city of New Zealand.In less than a year, the value of real estate in the city has fallen by almost two times, many families are in a hurry to sell all that they have to leave quickly Kraystercha. Despite the fact that the authorities have given to the people to repair the damage, the townspeople fear that the paid amount is still not enough to buy a new or long-term rental housing. The authorities, in turn, said that in the rush to build new buildings for people who have left the city.Now the whole center Kraystercha surrounded. No one can say how long it will last. Some experts say that a few months, others — that a few years. The authorities plan to demolish more than 1,000 buildings that are about to collapse. The demolition of a 26-storey Hotel Grand Chancellor, which is reeling from February, it may take nine months. Now the city razed at least 150 houses.Economists have estimated the damage caused by earthquakes city. Since September, enrollment in local schools has decreased by 7%, retail store sales fell 11%, and the unemployment rate jumped to 14%. What future for Kraysterch, authorities say impeded.


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