The trees bloom in Anapa


MOSCOW, December 31. Residents of the Black Sea city of Anapa, congratulating each other on the New Year, give sprigs sireni.Kak ITAR-TASS, the flowers have blossomed due to the warm weather the last days of December.

"Just like in the March 8, although the calendar is almost New Year", — said the head of Tatiana Evsikova.Krome flowering lilac trees in many buds were swollen and there was fresh foliage. Blossom plum, currants, grapes. Woke up and flourished Chinese rose bushes. Summer residents fear that the fruit trees bloom in December, may die in January, when cold weather hit.

The same amazing warm weather and established in Krasnodar, Anapa to which of nearly 160 km. In Devnya clock thermometer in the main city of Kuban sometimes showed plus 20 gradusov.Odnako local weather forecasters do not feel abnormal for December. They predicted that in the next day the temperature will gradually decline, and the clouds will begin the New Year dozhdi.No residents and visitors Krasnodar resorts of the Black Sea meet without snow. It can occur in the first days of January.

Note that in Sevastopol because of warm weather lilacs bloomed. Last Friday there was a broken record a 28-year-old — the temperature rose to 18.6 degrees. In some areas, there were buds on the vines and apple trees in bloom and vishni.Spetsialisty argue that these phenomena are abnormal and can damage plants through the winter, because in winter they go to the store of nutrients lost doing.

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