The trouble tank MBT-2000 Peru: details

The failure of the tank MBT-2000 Peru: details

In April this year, the Government of Peru has taken a sudden decision to postpone the purchase of tanks MBT-2000 manufactured by the Chinese company NORINCO, announced in the past year. Chinese magazine "Tanks and armored vehicles" (established NORINCO and the Northern Research Institute of armored vehicles) in the most fresh September issue an article ordained detailed reports of Chinese-Peruvian tank scandal — Peru refusal to take the Chinese MBT-2000.

What happened in Peru

July 11, 2010 Chief of the General Staff of the Peruvian Army in an interview with local television station «Chanel N» said that taking part in the parade December 8, 2009 5 Chinese tanks MBT-2000 is returned to the Chinese manufacturer. He stressed that these tanks were demo benchmarks provided by the armed forces of Peru to test their mobility and firepower. Demonstration of tanks in the parade should not make the wrong conclusion that the Peruvian Armed Forces have decided to take these tanks. From also refused to confirm that Chinese tanks lost their right to a role in the upcoming Peruvian tender. As you know, Peru as part of the modernization of its own Army decided to purchase 80-140 tanks, their total cost can be many hundreds of millions of dollars.

The failure of the tank MBT-2000 Peru: details

According to the Peruvian media, the return of tanks associated with the intervention of Ukraine, a provider of diesel engines for the export of Chinese tanks. In March, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine subordinate company "Ukrspecexport" specifically informed the Ministry of Defense of Peru, that the sale of Chinese tanks MBT-2000 is a violation of previous agreements between the Chinese and Ukrainian companies. In this regard, Ukraine will not supply logistics supplied to China Peru tanks. After receiving a warning of the Ukrainian side, the State Defence Committee Peru abandoned plans to buy Chinese tanks MBT-2000. In the criteria, when it was impossible to guarantee getting China to end-user certificate on the Ukrainian engine, Peru decided to return previously purchased 5 tanks back.

In addition to a detailed account (with support for Russian priemuschestvenno media) recognized facts about the failure of Ukraine to supply engines 6TD-2E, the magazine gives his version of the circumstances of the failure of the Peruvian trade. With all of this magazine is repelled from commenting Russian professionals, borrowed from the Russian media. Numerous citations Russian professionals and messages Russian media sources are clearly set may not always be, allow the creator to the article (performing under the pseudonym 静水, «Silent Waters") in certain cases to avoid the expressions on their own behalf.

The Chinese version: the machinations of the Russian Federation

The creators of articles explain the failure of the Sino-Peruvian tank transaction RF interference, which uses its newly increased impact on Ukraine to oust China with promising arms markets. Specifically, the article quoted a Russian military professional Vladimir Yevseyev, who believes that the failure of the Sino-Peruvian tank contract to some extent related to the improvement of Russian-Ukrainian relations. It seems that our homeland through China (and helping Ukraine) seizes share of the Chinese arms market and immediately restores the Russian-Ukrainian military cooperation, said Yevseyev.

With reference to the Russian media indicated that the new Minister of Defense of Ukraine Mikhail Yezhel pays great attention to trade an instrument and "put in place so creamy as the company" Ukrspecexport "trusted people". With all this Ezhel uses Sino-Peruvian Tank scandal as a pretext for repression of "UkrSpetsExport" people close to the former Minister of Defense of Ukraine Alexander Kuzmuk. Again, as with reference to media reports claimed that the very cooperation between Ukraine and China with regard to supply engines for the 6TD-2E for Chinese tanks had been agreed during the tenure Kuzmuk.

The article states that the Sino-Ukrainian agreement on cooperation in the tank MBT-2000 (made under license in Pakistan under the name of "Al-Khalid") is not contained in the apparent form of a ban on the export of Ukrainian engines in other countries except Pakistan. But when held in a tank tender defeated Peru Chinese Tank MBT-2000, and not Ukrainian "Hold-M", it caused an uproar in the Ukraine. Ezhel produced a reorganization of the company "Ukrspecexport" and then Ukraine has begun to put pressure on Peru to implement the "Hold-M".

Our homeland at this time, too, did not sit warehouse hands. Frame CEO of "Rosoboronexport" Anatoly Isaykin, not once contact with the Ukrainian side on the hot strip, reported to her that our home does not want to participate in the Peruvian tender and compete there with the Ukrainian side. Moreover, Isaykin, as the Chinese magazine, reported Ukrainian side that wants to contribute to our motherland promote Ukrainian arms exports to Latin America (??) And will buy Ukrainian gas turbine engines for Venezuela supplied Mi-17 helicopters.

Our homeland and China in the struggle for Ukraine

With reference to the head editor of the Russian magazine "Arms Export" Dmitry Vasilyev stated that our homeland and China have already converted to rivals in the arms market, as China was able to "absorb" many of the technologies acquired from Russia. Too often, the source of these technologies is the Ukraine, which gave China a lot of technical documentation Russian times. In fact, according to the Chinese edition, Our homeland wants to join forces with Ukraine, so as not to prevent the capture of China further bit of the world arms market. It is emphasized that soon after freezing sales to China Ukrainian tank engines, Rosoboronexport has threatened to prevent the delivery of the next batch of China RD-93 engines, as the FC-1 aircraft on which it is installed, does the danger export prospects of the MiG-29.

The failure of the tank MBT-2000 Peru: details


According to the views of the publication, there is a "cooling of Sino-Ukrainian military-technical cooperation." "Faced with the changes that have occurred in the Sino-Ukrainian military-technical cooperation, many of our experts at still rely that" dispelled the clouds and look out the sun, "the article says. Specialists point out that for many years, China was not only the principal trading partner of Ukraine, and the main buyer of Ukrainian military products. Many Ukrainian programs from the production of new types of weapons can be realized only through the Chinese investment. The responsible office
r SRI "Quantum" stated that Chinese investments without this institution has failed to start in the creation of laser anti-missile system "Kashtan-M". With all this the main export market for this system is China during the Olympic Games in Beijing, she established about all the great facilities in order to protect against terrorist attacks.

The failure of the tank MBT-2000 Peru: details

SPAR "Kashtan-M"

In the Ukrainian tank industry, the paper reported, not everyone is happy with the decision "UkrSpetsExport" regarding the supply of MBT-2000 tanks Peru. More clearly manifested in respect of Ukrainian CB "Ray." Since 1996, CB "Ray" has established a tight fit case with many Chinese military-industrial companies, including NORINCO, coupled promoting their products to external markets. The big success was the joint modernization of earlier delivered the Third World Chinese Type 59 tanks. With all of this Ukrainian company supplied retrofit tanks TOUR 3UBK10-1 "Bastion" caliber 100 or 105 mm (depending on whether there is a substitution gun or not). With reference to the Russian "Military-Industrial Courier" magazine states that this cooperation has brought "Ray" big profits and increased its credibility by allowing undermine the monopoly of the Tula KBP market TOUR.

According to the head designer "Ray," Oleg Korostyleva, tanks MBT-2000 started to Peru, were equipped with 125-mm TOUR "Combat" production CB "Ray", with all this in the fight for this order Chinese partners have "Ray" huge help. On special request of the Chinese side "Combat" was modernized to bring to the standard NATO to fulfill the requirements of the Peruvian side.

In fact, the article says creator, Ukrainian military industry to a very large extent is dependent on the Chinese market, with all this cooperation with China allowed the Ukrainian military-industrial complex to avoid excessive dependence on Russian orders. According to SIPRI, at the end of October 2008, Ukraine supplied to 19 countries in the world 1118 units of weapons and military equipment to more than double in 2007, exports exceeded U.S. $ 1.7 billion third of Ukrainian exports of military goods and services China accounted for, with all this our homeland at this time deliberately reduced its deliveries. In recent years, our homeland pushed into the role of Ukrainian enterprises to export their own instruments, such as delivery outside the Su-30 and Mi-17/26, and many other types of weapons and military equipment. Ukrainian enterprises in these criteria encountered difficulties, and the Chinese orders were for their salvation. Previous Defense Minister Yuriy Yekhanurov said that China — a reliable friend, and Ukraine wants to play an active role in China's military modernization. He also expressed the hope to deepen military cooperation 2-states. (End of article)

The failure of the tank MBT-2000 Peru: details

Strannovataya history of Chinese "victory"

A.2 considers it necessary to clarify: the failure of the Chinese associate member of Peruvian tank tender only opposition from Russia (and Ukraine's new management) would not be completely fair.

The failure of the tank MBT-2000 Peru: details

Recall — in December 2009, immediately after the parade, where everyone can create 5 Chinese tanks, Defense Minister Rafael Rey Peru and explicitly reported to the Peruvian press follow:

— Chinese tank barely came up to the requirements of the tender, and only a third of the sample (April, July and November 2009, while already on the second step, the sample was proposed by Peru "did not export, while the Chinese version of the tank"). A.2 said, like the Peruvian Defense Ministry and army management decided to twist each other and a military parade hands when choosing one or the other product, because here and without the Ukrainian-Russian pegs it was not that I was right;

— In one of the favorites of the tender includes only MBT-2000 and T-90. Chinese tank was elected by the judgments price;

— In addition, the decision to purchase Chinese tanks was political;

— When the Parliament summoned the Minister of Defense and Commander Gibovicha, so they explained the motivation for the choice of the Chinese proposal, Ray said that the service of Chinese tanks is not guaranteed as funds for it in the budget (and, apparently, in agreement with NORINCO) for some reason does not provided.

The failure of the tank MBT-2000 Peru: details

We also recall that in December 2009, the Minister of Defense and President Ray Garcia contradicted each other: the president said during his meeting with Hu Jintao at the summit in Singapore November 13, 2009 China has amended its proposal in a more profitable way to Peruvians that contributed to the choice in favor of the MBT-2000 and for the next day Ray argued that at the time of the meeting of heads of agreement with the Chinese had already been achieved, and the presidents just discussed it.

The "Rosoboronexport" was all the more reason to not "sit, warehouses hand" that the emergence of Chinese tanks at the parade came without informing the participants about the results of the tender, for which he later had to defend Ray. One gets the feeling that not only our homeland intrigues against China, as China pushes its proposals at any cost.

Respective experience in NORINCO available. In February 2005, the last minister of industry under President Fujimori Victor Hui Wei Rojas (Victor Joy Way Rojas) was sentenced by the Supreme Tribunal of Peru to eight years in prison on charges of accepting bribes from five Chinese companies, including NORINCO.

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