The underground rooms Fukushima detected radioactive water

TOKYO, Jan. 20 — RIA Novosti, Xenia Naka.More than one thousand tons of water with a high content of radioactive cesium found employees of Japanese nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1? The second and third blocks of the emergency station, told broadcaster NHK.

The water was found in the mines, where the pumping sea water pump. In the second block of the mine was discovered 500 tons of water. The maximum content of radionuclides in it is 16.2 thousand bekkerelley per cubic centimeter. The third unit has accumulated 600 tons, maximum radiation levels were 860 bekkerelley per cubic centimeter.

The operator station Petersen argues that the probability of leakage of water into the sea is very low. This statement is based on the fact that measurements of radiation in the sea water near the coast showed no increase background. However, while Petersen makes a clear answer about the origin of the accumulated water in the mines.

At the end of December in one of the underground tunnels, the station was to find an abundance of highly radioactive water. After that, from the beginning of January the operator station began a survey of all underground facilities.

Because of the 15-meter tsunami caused by a powerful earthquake on March 11 at the plant "Fukushima-1? has failed cooling system of reactors and pools of spent nuclear fuel. This caused a meltdown of fuel in the three reactors. Occurred in the first hours and days after the accident, hydrogen explosions leakproof units, resulting in radioactive elements into the atmosphere and water, then began to appear about elevated levels of radiation in various foods. Of 20-30-km zone of the station were evacuated 140,000 people.Source:

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