The vessel Rena has leaked 10 tons of fuel. Video


24.10.11.Nesmotrya the ongoing rescue operations for several weeks, with emergency container ship Rena again there was a large fuel leak. On Saturday night at sea emerged another 10 tons. What happened to the nature of the new force threatens the coastline.

At the scene are four ship. They are trying to remove from the surface oil slick. According to local authorities, environmental damage may be irreparable.

[Rob Service, the rescue]
"All indications are that it will move to the north, is threatening the island Mayor."

Immediately proceed and other rescue operations. Sunday earned
larger pump, which should accelerate the process of pumping fuel.

[Bruce Anderson, life]:
"Instead vosmisantimetrovogo sleeves involved arm to 15 inches. When will the pumping system, the water flow will increase. "

Pump operates around the clock. Along with this, with the help of a crane fell from the bottom take out the damaged containers.

[Bruce Anderson, life]:
"Divers attached brackets, clamps and chains on the edges of containers, and then began to rise."

While the bottom is about 40 containers from the ship. In total, the affected container is rolled back about 340 tons of oil.

Recall that the Rena ran into a reef off the north-east coast of New Zealand on October 5. All on board were about 1,700 tons of fuel.

Source: New Tang Dynasty Television

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