The water receded from the settlements of Primorye

The water receded from the settlements of Primorye Territory affected by heavy rains, reported GUMCHS the region.

"Flood situation in Primorye rivers stable. At 08.00 local time on 27 August flooding in communities not," — said in a statement.

Flood damaged 14 bridges in the three districts of Primorye. Sunday remained flooded more than 260 private holdings and gardens. Due to the elements over a thousand people in ten villages eve without electricity.

Rescuers on Friday and Saturday of the flood zone were evacuated by helicopter and special equipment 51 tourists, who were cut off from home and enter the track. On Sunday, more than 230 rescuers were involved in the flood aftermath. In 12 towns Chuguevsky area in the zone of flooding were more than 600 people.

"On the river Krylovka Kirov district level rise slowed, continue flooding floodplain. Dalnerechensk in the area on the river near the village of robin Ariadne continues downturn water. Saved flooding floodplain on the site Ariadne village — a village Rakitnoe" — says in a release.

This maintains the rise in water level in the lower reaches of the river near the village of Chalcedon mudflats in the Chernigov region, the water on the floodplain. In the upper reaches of the river Great Ussurka began to decline, while the downstream rise continues. Kuleshovka on the river in the Saviour's also seeing a decrease in water level.

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