They were strangers and pilgrims on the earth …




In the last issue of your magazine, it was stated that the country is inhabited by Eldorado Wanderers. Many people close to you in spirit readers will cause a very unique association — the Strugatsky brothers' novel "The waves extinguish the wind."

Together, let us recall these fantastic Wanderers.

For the first time they are described in the pages of the novel in the so-called "memorandum of Bromberg": "First, the entry of humanity on the path of evolution of the second order is a practical conversion of homo sapiens in the Wanderer. Secondly, most likely, not every homo sariens suitable for such a transformation. Summary: humanity will is divided into two unequal parts by parameters unknown to us, a smaller part of it forcefully and permanently overtake large, and it come to pass by the will and the art of super-civilizations, absolutely alien to humanity. "

Drama Strugatsky novel is that a man named Toivo Glumov, trying to identify and uncover the Wanderers, also becomes a Wanderer. The splitting of the river under the name of Humanity breaks into two nations, peoples, families. Those who turns out to be a stranger, out — dissolves into a new stream of history.

Fantasy? Beautiful hypothesis?

But here's the Bible: "… from one, and him as dead, so many as the stars of heaven and as the innumerable sand on the seashore. These all died in faith, not having received the promises, but having seen them afar off, and were , and embraced them, and that they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth "; For those who say such things show that they seek a country. And if they had been mindful of that country from whence they came out, it would have returned But now they desire a better country, that is, an heavenly: wherefore God is not ashamed to be called their God: for he hath prepared for them a city … " (Hebrews 11: 12-16).

So do not make a mistake if the Strugatsky brothers? Maybe Wanderers will not come, and have already come, and they came a very long time, and live among us? .. Maybe one of us — you and me — it is THEY?

But this assumption is challenged Gorbovskii — one of the heroes of the novel by Strugatsky: "Mankind, pour into a blossoming valley under clear skies, pulled up. Course, not all the crowd, but why are you so upset? Always has been. And it always will be, I guess. Humanity .. always took the best shoots in the future of their representatives. We were always proud of geniuses, and not grieve, do not belong to them. "

Gorbovskii says one of the Wanderers, "All the same, you people, in fact — humans, and do you not get away from it."

But this is heard: "Can the Bible be considered a myth and fairy tale writing Strugatsky, but to ignore the Wanderers we will not succeed."

Imagine it, this new tribe and Mlada? While we're on the first of them — the hero of the novel by the Strugatsky brothers — that: "In memory of my immediately gets Toivo Glumov — I see his thin, always honest young face, always at half-mast above the gray translucent white of his eyes, long eyelashes, I hear it as would deliberately sluggish speech, once again I feel coming from him silent, helpless, but the relentless pressure, like a silent scream, "Well, what are you? Why bezdeystvuesh? Command me! "

But why do we need all these literary digressions? The thing is that there is no science, a subject of constant interest which would have been wanderers. History, social science, philosophy, psychology, sociology study wandering in passing and only because it is simply impossible to get around. And the only constant in the literature of his devotion to the topic Wanderers. Even if the writer is not writing about the people, but, for example, animals, still his work is "strannovedeniyu" — in the text reflects the character of the writer, the Wanderer.

The centuries of development of practical and theoretical chemistry was the D. Mendeleev material for the genius of the system. Fiction is true psychologists. There is a monograph devoted entirely to tipizitsii literary characters are, for example, the work of Karl Leonhard.

Why should not we try to contribute to the creation of a "periodic table of humanity"? Some of its laws, if desired, may be made by any person. Parallel associations that emerge in the reader's mind when meeting with a literary hero or hints of the writer, pushing themselves to some generalizations.

"Toivo Glumov reminded me of the Mexican Rivera. I mean a textbook story of Jack London …" Is not it interesting parallel between the guy from the fantasy world and those whose image came to us from the last century?

Rivera — a fanatic, to subordinate himself to the Mexican Revolution. Earned money on a professional ring he paid for the purchase of rifles to the rebels.

Toivo was once progressors. Progressorstva — it's the same revolution, but a social, scientific and technical, which advocates progress exported to other planetary worlds …

"By profession Toivo Glumov was progressors. Experts have told me that out of him could have made a Progressor of the highest class. Progressor ace. He had a brilliant data. Superbly He owned himself, he had an exceptional composure, a rare responsiveness (ie, as and Rivera, he would be unique in the ring, in this case, the galactic — E..) And now, after working progressors little more than three years, he has for no apparent reason, resigned and returned to Earth … "

I do not care why he does not want to be a progressors. I wondered why he wanted to be a Counter-progressors, so to speak. His answer was remembered. He has an aversion to the idea of progressorstva … He Toivo Glumov, this idea does not rest: no gods should not be allowed to plead our case, the gods have nothing to do in the world, for "the good of the gods — it is the wind, and he blew up the sail, and he raises a storm."

What we do know about the Wanderer Glumova?

"As with Rivera at Toivo had no friends. Around him were true and reliable colleagues, and he was a loyal and reliable partner in any business, but friends have not got. Believe, because it is too difficult to be his friend — He never, in what was not pleased with himself, and therefore never and in no way gave descent to others. Was it a sort of helpless focus on the goal that I did notice that the great scientists and athletes. What kind of friendship … "

"In the work environment Toivo the impression of being rather slow and laconic. He was constantly seemed to be inhibited by some important to think carefully about the idea. But Asya (his wife — E.) … With her, it was Demosthenes, Cicero , St. Paul, he was saying, he built the maxim, it features me, Rend, even ironically! .. It is hard to imagine how different were these two men … ".

Without women like Asya Glumova, Wanderers would be doomed to loneliness. They are not easy to endure. But how gorgeous are wanderers couples: "We rarely go hand in hand, arm we needed to wave them in the dispute" (A.Kron, "Insomnia").

This is — of strangers and pilgrims.
Immediately admit — the genesis of the Wanderers we have not cracked. Their origin is more than mysterious. One reason may be a mutation.

The cause of mutation is not essential, but it is interesting result. And those of the Strugatsky brothers Wanderers is to initiate a third signaling system.

Referring to the dictionary: "The first and second signal systems — ways of regulating the behavior of living beings in the world, the properties of which are perceived by the brain in the form of signals, either directly captured by the senses, as the sensations of color, sound, smell, etc. (1st Entry System ), or presented in a sign language system (2nd warning). "

The second signal system arises in the course of historical development. It brings a new concept in the central nervous system, as it allows to reflect the world in generalized terms.

Thus, why not assume that the information about the world can not come to us in the form generalized to a qualitatively higher level yet? This level can be illustrated with examples of what is now called extrasensory perception. Apparently, somewhere on its doorstep, and there is a warning THREE.
Transactions with the first, without the involvement of the second signal system — the lot of animals and morons. Neither the first nor the second normal person would not be able to explain why in ten doors with the words "Stop" and one labeled "Exit" he chose the latter. Neither the first nor the second clue why a piece of meat or a bottle of vodka a normal person often prefers a fascinating book.

Here we are, in the opinion of geniuses, wanting to get out of our everyday world lomimsya in the door with the words "Stop". They use two signal systems do not like us, but three, and use them to find the exit. And with that, alas, is much easier to accept than to assume that the same mechanism used by those to whom we look with disdain at times — cranks or fools. And if there is, did this notorious third signal, the man in the street as a townsman and understand climber, poet, scientist, adventurer, hero, that is, those who have it — a commonplace tool kit …?

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