This year, the world felt the power of natural disasters

Suffered not only the world of violence and terror, pain was added and natural disasters. The terrorist attack at Moscow airport, the horror of shooting people in wealthy Norway and Belgium, the catastrophe, the Pacific recalled Andrew Tsaplienko. Japan, on 11 March, at a quarter to six. Earth is literally out from under his feet. From the impact of the earthquake shifted the archipelago for two and a half meters in the direction of North America. Seismic resistance "flats" swung, but resisted. In the first round of the fight with nature Japanese technology won. But the verse strikes again. Tsunami breaking embankments and washes to the ground entire towns.This video is many months was found in a sunken car. The passengers had no chance of escape. Such a fate befell tens of thousands of Japanese. Rescuers have until recently tried to find survivors.Yasi IMAS, head of rescue:— We have little time, pulling away from the plot. We are looking for people with the help of hands.Victims could be much higher. Japanese rescue operation conducted quickly and smoothly, as if rehearsed it before. And so it was. But more about that later.Isoimi Mizuki, a military paramedic:
The most common cause of death of hypothermia. Therefore, we must first warm the survivors, and then deal with the other injuries.
The third blow, man-made. The earthquake and tsunami destroyed the cooling system of the nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1". In sea water got not only radioactive iodine, according to scientists, but also heavy metals. Millions of Japanese people wear protective masks, and residents of Fukushima Prefecture leave the area around the station.Andrew Tsaplienko, correspondent:
Here dvadtsatikilometrovaya border zone. Next entry is allowed only with special passes and just a few hours. But now we will ask for permission from the police to measure the radiation level at the zone boundary. "Excuse me, can I check the background here? Can I check the background here? I mean, the background radiation? Here! Ok." Sensor indicates that the level is much lower than the upper limit. This is not surprising. As nuclear experts say, the infection "went spots."
Everything happens for a Chernobyl scenario: Liquidators kamikaze relocation of thousands of people, and of course, hundreds of objectors — those who want to end their days in the exclusion zone.Kumiko Matsuura, a resident of the exclusion zone:— I do not know what to do. I, of course, have the right to ask for resettlement. But I'm an old man, and I have nothing to lose.The triple disaster in Japan — the massive tragedy of the year. Fifteen thousand victims. Twelve thousand missing.Rehearsal for Japanese searchers nature has constructed over three weeks before. Rescue team from Tokyo takes quiet town Christchurch, translated as "the Church of Christ." Twenty-second of February, this city was destroyed by an unexpected earthquake. Japan reaches out to New Zealand.John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand:
We have witnessed the blackest day in the history of New Zealand. This is a huge tragedy for Christchurch, for the country and the people.
When the New Zealand Prime Minister said these words, he did not know that under the rubble lost about two hundred people, including Japanese rescuers find twenty of his countrymen.However, this year many accidents could be avoided. If not for the "human factor": carelessness, incompetence, lust for a fast buck.Russia. The tenth of July. Kuibyshev reservoir. Passenger ship "Bulgaria" gives list to starboard and soon disappears under the water. Two hundred and eight people saved only seventy-nine.Passengers passing vessel filmed on mobile phones catastrophe in while drowning asking for help. Natalya Makarova and her husband saved her daughter.Natalia Makarova, the passenger ship "Bulgaria":
She ran for two minutes before the crash, and said: Father, Mother, the ship will sink now, wear vests. I stupor — a sink?
The girl has never been found. On that day, the ship had many children. Saved only ten. The building of river station appeared toys, flowers and an inscription: "Forgive us as adults." Verdict: "Bulgar" destroyed the human factor. Despite the failure, say witnesses, the tenant gives the command of the vessel to the output, they say, the money already paid for the tour.Once again, Russia. At this time, the human factor in the life of a whole strikes hockey team. On September two thousand eleventh story ends star of Yaroslavl "Locomotive", literally, on the rise. Ice team rushes to the game in Minsk. Barely off the ground, the Yak-42 drops down. At the crash site found forty-three body. Russian President arrives in Yaroslavl.Dmitry Medvedev, President of Russia:— This is certainly a shock to the whole country. When similar situations occur such disasters.Two survivors. Flight Engineer Alexander Sizov and hockey player Alexander Galimov. Chances of survival are small athlete, doctors say, but they are.Alfiya Smetanina Aunt Alexander Galimov:— Condition of course difficult. We just yesterday were his. 90 per cent burns.Five days of Russia's best surgeons fought for Alexander's life, but to save it failed. About mourns crash victims not only Russia.The dead included three Ukrainians: Daniel Sobchenko, Vitaly Anikienko and former goalkeeper, "Falcon" Alexander Vyukhin.Longest catastrophe of the year was a series of floods in Thailand. Year out, and the water in the streets of Thai cities still remains. Emergency declared war against Thailand in March. Then managed to cope with the flood. But the rainy season is delayed.Back in August, the level of the rivers reaching critical levels. By September, the big water came up to the capital.First, the water left the airport. Center of Bangkok fell twentieth of October.Andrew Tsaplienko, correspondent:
When the streets of Bangkok turned into shipping channels, like this plastic boats three times jumped in price and became the main Thai deficit. The water level gradually decreases, but the plastic fleet seems early to write off and put on funny. To some areas of the country except by swimming, still do not get there.
Boats are the main means of transport, not only for the law-abiding citizens.This street three visits flotilla looters.Kay Weed, housewife:
Looters in boats glide and rob empty houses. They robbed the house and this one. Once on the boat three marauders sailed to our house and tried to rob him. I looked out and shouted, "Hey, guys, I have a gun and I'll shoot." They sailed away. Although no gun I have.
When Thailand was in the water up to their roofs, people initially panicked. But little by little they began to get used to living waterfowl. Some even learned to find pleasure in it. That's how long ago looked housewife living Kay weed. She organized fishing from the comfort of home.Kay Weed, housewife:
The fish came to the house, and we caught her in the living room of the fan grid. And at the entrance stretched mesh, the fish would not leave the yard.
Livestock has gone astray can now be found in the baths, basins or tubs of flowers. Well, if it is a fish. But those who takes out the garbage from the affected areas, and face the deadly creatures.Catfish Chieti, cleaner:"We remove debris from flooded homes. Among old furniture full of dangerous living creatures, snakes and scorpions. Should in any case cover the face, that is.Hundreds of thousands of people in Thailand today are busy cleaning. Dirty work no end. But the smiles on the faces of the Thais. Their philosophy is simple: to become the disaster in history, and the life, no matter what goes on.

Andrew Tsaplienko, Sergei Dubinin, "Details of the week" TV channel "Inter"

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