Thought is material, armed and dangerous

August 6, 2012 14:08

Thought is material, armed and dangerousWe all know what great craftsmen North American Indians in all that regards meditation and concentration. And the best in this business sometimes arranged between a psychological entertaining fights. Two opponents sit across from each other without any weapons and began to play in such things, "peepers." The game ends when one of the contestants did not fall to the ground. Sometimes exhausted. Sometimes unconscious. Sometimes dead. So how do they do it?
It is surprising, but these psychic battles are held by Indians today. And you can watch them personally, but not all.

 In the streets of American urban areas and settlements where Indians live, stroll group of people dressed in colorful national dress and with feathers on his head. They are knocking on the doors of the houses, shouting something mysterious in the local dialect and collecting so residents of the area. This looks like a folk festival with songs, dances, and other amusements. Watch it — from a distance can anyone, but for those who want to be present, to create a hard face-control, which are adults only and only purebred Indians. Foreigners here do not favor and may even hurt punish.
In the arena or a large meadow on the ground is drawn straight long line. At each of its ends becomes a contender for the title of the Great Wizard. Opponents can compete and an hour or two, and more. And when one of the Indians falling prostrate on the ground and immobilized, the winner, before the ceremonial celebration should also bring up all of them fallen to prove not only their power, but also the great power of the healer.
It may seem that this is just a game of skill set by "staring" at the delight of the public, which wants an interesting spectacle. However, this phenomenon, even though it seems obvious, in fact, still inexplicable and incredible. Dr. John Harrington (Commission of American Ethnology) has long been studying this phenomenon and ready to confirm its reality. He carefully examined the body is not one defeated in the battles of thought, both those who survived and fallen dead. And the doctor discovered internal bleeding, obstruction and rupture of cerebral blood vessels, which are very similar to the symptoms of stroke and heart attack.
Another scientist, Dr. Jacob Miro has suggested that it is not the winner of the enemy kills with a thought, and Indian kills himself. Here suicidal factor may be the fear that is experiencing one of the witches in front of a strong competitor, feeling weaker and unaware of his impending defeat. This, incidentally, is a "spice" and many African cultures, particularly voodoo sorcerers. This and a lot of stress and tension that finds quite understandable as a reflection of the clinical picture of a heart attack or stroke.
According to another theory, Indian magicians introduced viewers 'mental battle' in a banal mass hypnosis, the benefit of all its good they possess. True photographs and video festivals Grand Wizard, as well as medical research Harringtorna give this version a strong doubt.
The easiest way to explain this phenomenon is one of the great sorcerers, Indian Vi-ishi: "My great-grandfather twice struck by lightning. And he opened a this gift that gave to my father, and my father — to me. "
Who knows what kind of unique psychic abilities have Indians. But think, for every woman, for sure, at least once just to feel the someone's "tacky" look, do not even know who is watching us. And what a hunter does not feel heavy look of the beast lurking behind a bush? And what a spy or a fugitive does not feel being followed? And parents, who looked at us when we were teenagers, and we, to my horror, realized that we see through? Say what you like, and view has a certain force. It can be hard, hard, shrill, sharp, insightful, smashing, killing … All we are able to feel that power, but only a little is given to control it. And these "lucky" in particular, are American Indians, the Great Wizards.

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