Three avalanche came down to the south of Sakhalin

Road builders Sakhalin eliminate snow drifts caused by a gathering of three avalanches in the south, told RIA Novosti on Monday Sakhavtodor representative.

"The first avalanche came down at 4:00 Sakhalin time by 142 kilometer highway Nevelsk — Tomari — airport Shakhtersk. Snowdrifts was quickly eliminated. Second avalanche came down at 4:30 Sakhalin time to 153 km of the same road," — told the agency.

According to him, the third avalanche came down at 9:00 Sakhalin time again on the 142-kilometer highway Nevelsk — Tomari — airport Shakhtersk.

"The volume of snow coming down masses specified. On liquidation of the incident here uses four pieces of equipment," — said the official.

According to statistics, the last gathering of avalanches in the south of the island is in the middle of April, in the central regions — in the middle of May. Now the avalanche hazard areas in Sakhalin and the Kurils are over 30 cities, including Nevelsk, Kholmsk, Tomari, and sat Uglegorsk Sinegorsk, Chekhov, Novosibirsk, Bulls, Gornozavodsk, Shebunino and a number of railway stations and highways.

One of the biggest avalanche disaster occurred on Sakhalin February 9, 1945 in Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinsk region. Then descended avalanche covered the mine in the village of "October" 236 persons, 131 of whom died.

RIA Novosti

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