Three people have been victims of hurricane Hilary off the coast of Mexico

MOSCOW, September 24 — RIA Novosti. Hurricane "Hillary", formed Thursday in the Pacific Ocean, on Saturday night was near the southwest coast of Mexico, three people were killed, according to the Associated Press.

Mexican rescue team found the bodies of three sailors who were at sea during bad weather, despite the warning of the dangers of meteorologists.

Hurricane "Hillary" has already reached a dangerous category four out of five, but is forecast meteorologists, will come to the land, according to the website of the National Hurricane Center forecast in Miami (USA). However, some areas of the Mexican coast were exposed to heavy rains and accompanying hurricane winds. Mexican authorities have declared a storm warning for the Pacific coast.

Currently cyclone goes west toward the mainland. "Hilary" is moving at a speed of 14 kilometers per hour and gusts of winds reaching 232 kilometers per hour.

Tropical storms are named when the speed of an accompanying wind reaches 62 miles per hour. To the hurricane was awarded the first category on the Saffir-Simpson scale that evaluates the potential damage from the disaster, its wind speed is 120 kilometers per hour. If the wind speed exceeds 150 miles per hour, then the category of the hurricane will be raised to the second, at 180 — up to a third, at 210 — up to fourth. Maximum risk category assigned to hurricanes with winds over 250 miles per hour.


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