To Saxony-Anhalt tornado hit

Heavy rains, large hail and tornadoes that hit last weekend at the Saxony-Anhalt, have led to numerous destructions in the region, the broadcaster MDR.

Hardest-hit towns, located south of Bernburg (Bernburg). In Paysene (Peissen), Proyslitse (Preusslitz) and Kermigke (Coermigk) were damaged about 80 percent of homes.

According to witnesses, hailstones the size of a fist reached. As noted by being on the spot reporter MDR, facades of many buildings look as if they came under machine-gun fire, and punched window blinds "resemble Swiss cheese."

Highway A14 and A38 were partially flooded. In some places, the highway was two meters under water. The drivers were rescued on the roofs of their cars. Some had to be evacuated by inflatable boats.

Rail link between the cities of Bitterfeld (Bitterfeld) and Dessau (Dessau) was interrupted due to fallen trees on the tracks.

As a result of bad weather killed, as reported by DPA, 51-year-old woman whose body was found in a garden near the house. According to preliminary data, killed her stripped from the roof tiles.

Source: Tape.

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