Today Krasnoyarsk can get to 1908




Today, on the eve of the International Day of Museums Krasnoyarsk Regional Museum, a presentation of the new interactive exhibition "Tunguska doomsday."
As the press service of the museum, the exhibition is devoted to one of the great and mysterious accidents on the memory of our civilization: 17 iyunya1908 in the sky over the Evenk taiga raced a giant fireball. Extremely powerful explosion shook the earth: ancient taiga turn inside the roots, scorching wind vzryl soil, and went up the Angara huge wave. The strength of the explosion exceeded 1000 "Hiroshimas" and twice the blast came around the globe. Mutation of living organisms in the event continues today.
Tunguska phenomenon is still worried about the minds and imagination of mankind. Scientists around the world for nearly a century later, scratching their heads over the question what it was: a meteor icy nucleus of a comet, the solar plasmoid, a giant fireball or UFO crash?
Local history museum of its new exhibit gives a chance to everyone to experience the courage of his own, having been at the epicenter of the Tunguska doomsday.


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