Tornado in Austria


May 16, 2011 — AUSTRIA — Saturday 15:28 hours in the quiet city Eisenstadt-Umgebung was in a state of shock. 80 meters wide tornado went through the buildings and gardens, leaving behind dozens of damaged homes, fallen trees, or even three buildings torn roof.

Local resident Tinoff still can not believe what I saw. "It sounded like a bomb. Trees romped out of the ground tiles flew away from houses and debris flew like bullets into the walls of the neighboring buildings. It was horrible. "
Fire chief says it's a miracle that no one was killed by debris that flew.

This is — a bizarre weather phenomenon, which we could only see in Hollywood blockbusters. It was really a time strashno.V evolved apocalyptic impressions of the end of the world. Massive storm flooded the center of Burgenland in a few minutes after the tornado. Mass of water flowed from the manhole covers, dozens of basements were flooded.

Translation: Faktorvremeni , The Extinction Protocol

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